About Double Glazing For Your Home

About Double Glazing For Your Home

Read on to Know How Double Glazing Windows Work for Saving Energy Consumption

Double glazing windows, also known as energy efficient windows are the most effective way for saving energy and bringing down your electricity bills. A significant number of people are now replacing their existing frames with these upvc windows.

Composite Windows Are the Next Big ThingThere are several reasons for using these options, amongst which one of the most important reason being its capacity to trap natural energy for cooling and heating purposes. It helps you to save the renewable and non-renewable resources of energy for the future generations. Besides, it has significant effect on bringing down your electricity / energy bills.

Whether you have installed a Sliding / Casement or French window these energy stars provide ample scope for the best designing besides fulfilling its usual of reducing electricity consumption.

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If you have been inspired by this thought too, then you need to consider some more details before replacing your existing ones. Let us discuss the capabilities of these energy star French windows and their functionality in improving your comfort and reducing energy usage.

Following are the four ways that explains the method related to how heat is transferred from one space to another and helps is restoring a pleasant temperature inside the room:

  1. Conduction: These panes are capable of conducting heat from the outside temperature and transfer it in the house via matter.
  2. Convection: It is capable of exchanging heat through moving air currents and passes it on to the other surface.
  3. Radiation: Trapping direct radiation of heat from the sunlight through a transparent radiating surface like glass
  4. Air flow: When air is heated up and starts circulating within the surface, the heat moves with it too.

This process utilized here is called heat transfer. The most important thing to remember here is that the similar process is used for heating a room as well as cooling it. In other words, one can say that it keeps the house heated up in winters and cool in the summers without the use of air-conditioners or any other electrical equipment.

The similar rules apply to all weather conditions in the energy star Sliding / Casement or French windows and work as a strong barrier for heat exchanging process, from the warm side of the glass to the cold side.

In winters when the temperature is cold outside, we do not want the inside heat to go out. Energy star products trap the radiation of the sun and allow it into the room that gets heated up. The glass barrier does not let the heat from inside to radiate out. While in summers when the climate is hot, the glass barrier enables the outside heat from radiating in.

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