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Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and brought in 2016 in suitable style (... me? I stayed late at work, drove home, put on my PJs, got a takeaway and went to bed at 10.30PM #GrannyAmbi).

2015 has been an awesome year for me: beginning with passing medical school finals, then travelling to the Caribbean, finally graduating as a doctor after 6 long years and turning from long-time student to working adult. Unfortunately, this has meant my blog hasn't exactly been a priority of late - I know it sounds like an excuse, but I really have been so, so busy - I've never wanted my blog to feel like a chore, and after long days at work, or a week on-call, blogging was pretty much the last thing I felt like doing. I'm hoping to be a bit more committed to writing in 2016, but given the nature of my job, I know it's not something I'll always be able to do... but I promise, I'll try my very best!

Becoming a doctor has been a big change in my life, and one I'm still adjusting to. Even now, being called Dr Sud slightly terrifies me. Medical school might prepare you for the science-y stuff that comes with the job, but nothing quite prepares you for what being a doctor will actually be like. It's a change, for sure, and one I'm still getting my head around!

Today, I thought I'd share my 2016 resolutions with you - I love writing posts like these, especially as I see my blog as an online diary, and hopefully this time next year I can look back on it and realise how much I've achieved!

1. Blog more
The resolution of every blogger on earth... I've already said I am terrible at this, but I'm really going to try to write more regularly on here - it's such a release from my normal job, yet I find myself being a little 'cba' towards my blog in my free-time, even though it's something I love and continue to love nearly 4 years since I began writing!

2. Stay healthy
I became something of a health and fitness fiend in 2015 - I never, ever thought I'd be one of those people to enjoy working out, but I've even joined a gym which I visit 2-4 times a week and actually love it. I've dropped a dress size, got actual muscles (I even have a hint of defined abs goin' on... me, the former couch potato!) and am easily fitting into clothes that were erring on the side of 'snug' this time last year. Of course, working out isn't just about losing weight (which was never a goal for me), it's actually made me feel better in myself too - it's satisfying running up the stairs at work and not feeling like I need to stop for a breather once I've got to the top!
Unfortunately, an entirely vegan diet just wasn't working out for me, and after a year of trying, I've packed it in and reverted back to vegetarianism, but I'm hoping to continue to keep it balanced, healthy and nourishing this year.

3.  Be more positive
Oh my word, I do complain an awful lot. Perhaps it's my job that's made me realise this, but I really don't have much to whinge about when there's people a heck of a lot worse off than me, so I've vowed to be less negative and try and look a little more on the bright side of life - if I complain, you all have permission to slap me on the wrist.

4. Make more effort with friends
It was so easy at University to pop over to your BFF's house for a cuppa, or meet up for a drink in the evening after lectures... it's not so easy now we're spread across the country and balancing a work and social life! I am either totally brilliant or completely useless with responding to texts from people, and I want to make more effort to keep in touch with my friends (... and hopefully see more of them!).

5. Save up
I've really enjoyed having a bit of money to my name after 6 years of being a skuzzy student living off Sainsburys' Basics, but back in December I set myself up a savings account and a Help to Buy ISA, both of which I'll be paying a chunk of my salary into each month. I think it's important to treat yourself every now and then, but most of the time I buy things because I want them, rather than because I need them. I'm aiming to be more savvy with my finances (setting up both those accounts made me realise how little I know about money!) - if the last 6 years is anything to go by, the next few will fly by, and I don't want to reach my 30s without having been sensible with my earnings!

What are your new year's resolutions?

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  1. save save save too! I have a wedding coming up :D Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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