Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Mulberry Lily Bag in Rose Petal Pink.

I had a very special birthday at the end of September, which deserved a very special gift, of course. My super generous parents took my not so subtle hints (such as me emailing a link of said gift to my dad on several occasions, posting it on mum's Facebook wall etc. etc.) on board, and treated me to a gorgeous bag from Mulberry.

Shall we take a look at her?

I'm such a tease...

Isn't she a beauty *insert heart-eye emoji here*?

Say hello to the Mulberry Original Lily Bag in Rose Petal, a (I think) special edition colour from the brand for 2015. The Lily forms part of the Classic Collection, and is every bit as elegant and sophisticated as the lovely Lily Collins, who it was named after.

The original Lily is a compact 17 x 21 x 9 cm, with a 29 cm adjustable, woven leather chain strap, meaning you can wear the bag in two ways - tucked underneath the arm or at a longer, hip-skimming length. I did momentarily consider getting the Medium Lily over this one, but felt it was almost the same size as my Del Rey - the smaller-sized Lily easily fits in all the essentials, and makes me far less tempted to carry the kitchen sink (plus extras) round!

The leather has a lovely grain-effect to it, and I especially love the chic Postman's Lock on the front of the bag. I know that perhaps a pink handbag isn't an option every girl would choose, and may even seem like it will not go with very much, but it's surprisingly versatile. I'm finding myself drawn to classic staples in my wardrobe nowadays, and I love pairing this bag with this ASOS Chunky White Jumper, the comfiest black skinny jeans ever and my favourite black flats... my dear ol' dad even commented this particular outfit looked very 'Audrey Hepburn,' quite the compliment, eh? It's certainly a bag that can be worn casually as I've just described, but will look equally good with something more dressy.

I didn't review my Del Rey on Bombay Rose as it was sadly discontinued shortly after I got it. The Lily in classic Mulberry colours (such as tan and black) doesn't look like it's going anywhere fast, but I'm pretty sure this colour is limited edition for this year...

There's no two ways about it - these bags are pricey... but I personally think they're worth every penny. My mum was always anti-branded handbags, but when she saw how beautifully well made my Del Rey was, she ended up getting herself the Mulberry Primrose (which also, rather sadly, has been discontinued from the permanent collection). A bag like this is something that lasts a lifetime.... provided you look after it correctly (I keep mine in tip-top condition with the recommended care products).

I realise how incredibly lucky I am to have had such a lovely bag given to me, and I can't recommend it enough if you wanted to treat yourself to something nice... or perhaps not-so-subtly hint to be treated by someone else... ;-)

The Mulberry Lily Bag in Rose Petal is priced at £695, and available from Mulberry and Selfridges - mine was purchased from the Brompton Road Store in London.


  1. absolutely gorgeous! How lucky are you! :D You should definitely share an outfit post wearing this :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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