Friday, 28 August 2015

The Cheerz Box.

It saddens me that in the midst of social media madness, we forget the way it used to be. Seeing as we can now upload our favourite photographs at the push of a button, we no longer seem to print out copies. I'll be showing my age when I tell you all that as a child, I loved it when my mum sent our camera film rolls off to get printed, and we had the excitement of getting the developed photographs sent back to us in the post.

As you all know, I came back from 3 months in the Caribbean back in June - I uploaded all my pictures to my Facebook and Instagram accounts whilst I was out there, and had planned on getting a few printed when I returned home. As luck would have it, within a few days of getting back, I was contacted by a new company called Cheerz...

The idea behind Cheerz is very simple - the company has a mobile app, through which you can quickly select photos you've shared directly onto your social media accounts (as well as ones you haven't) and get them printed, either as simple photographs, or they can be in the form of books, boxes, posters... the choices are endless. 

I went for the Cheerz Box* and selected 30 of my favourite photos from my holiday, using a mixture of pictures from my Instagram and personal Facebook accounts. I downloaded the Cheerz app, which accessed my social media accounts quickly and easily - I'd picked and ordered my box and selected my pictures within about five minutes. I loved that you could also select which part of your picture was to be printed - there's been all too many times where I've made a Snapfish order and, unable to check how my photos would come out, I've lost the top of mine or a friend's head during the printing process.

The box came super fast - the next day, in fact! All of the photos were Polaroid picture-sized and on high-quality glossy paper. I really liked the photos I'd selected from my Facebook account, but it was pretty easy to spot which ones I'd selected from Instagram, as the pictures weren't quite of the same quality which I suppose is to be expected, given Instagram compresses the photos you upload, anyway.

Whilst I love the polka-dot design of the box, I was a smidge disappointed at the lack of choices, as there was just a choice of polka dots or stripes... I, personally, think something floral wouldn't go amiss for us gals.

At £13.95, along with £3.95 delivery, I do feel the Cheerz Box is a little expensive for what you're getting, so maybe this isn't something you'd buy for yourself - mine was gifted to me, but I really do love it, and think it's nice to have a selection of my favourite memories from my trip, all inside a cute little keepsake box... it'd make for a really thoughtful gift for a social-media obsessed friend!

The Cheerz Box is priced at £13.95, and available online, or via the iPhone app.

*PR Sample


  1. This is adorable! I think I'll have to print a few out for myself at some point!

  2. I love that you can just get photos printed really easily like this! But I agree, maybe the price tag is a little to high.. a nice treat though! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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