Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Current Favourite Nail Polishes.

Whilst I love my new job as a junior doctor, the one thing I seriously miss is looking down at my hands and seeing painted fingernails. Whilst my toes are constantly lacquered, my fingers don't look quite so great during the week - before I started my job I had a couple of shades constantly slicked onto my fingernails... today, I thought I'd show you the ones that made the cut this summer.

From L to R: Suzi Shops & Island Hops, That's Hula-rious!, Lost My Bikini in Molokini and Aloho

I've been loving the OPI Hawaii Nail Lacquer Set*, which comes with 4 oh-so-cute bottles of OPI polish in a collection of gorgeous shades... with equally gorgeous names. As you'd expect with a professional polish, these last really well on the nails.

Whilst I love all the colours in the set, my absolute favourite is That's Hula-rious! a  bright, breezy pastel green, which looks especially great with a tan.

If, like me, you're a glitter fan, the Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in If The Slipper Fits* will probably be right up your street. The brand brought out an entire range of polishes to celebrate the release of Disney's Cinderella, and this particular polish was created to represent Cinderella's glass slippers... and it does a bloomin' good job.

A gorgeous blue polish packed with delicate blue and silver glitter, it creates an almost holographic look to the nails - it does require a couple of coats to provide the dense glitter you can see on my nails (abovebut the finished result is nothing short of stunning. The only bugbear I have with this polish is it's an absolute nightmare to get off your nails.

If you fancy trying out the rest of the Morgan Taylor Cinderella Collection, there's a mini set available to include 4 of the limited edition polishes - check it out here.

A longtime favourite of mine is another polish my OPI - Thanks a WindMillion was a shade brought out by the brand in 2012 as part of their Holland collection (thankfully, it still seems to be available here)... after I spotted it on Lauren Conrad, it had to be mine.

The shade is a gorgeous dull green colour, which somehow strikes a balance between striking, without being in-your-face - I've described at length in my August Favourites 2014, (which, as a side, is a weird thing to watch as I haven't filmed in over a year... I'm looking to get back into it, but watch this space for now!).

My final pick was actually something of an impulse buy - about a month back, Boots happened to be doing an awesome 3-for-2 on Revlon products, and you also got a free Revlon Nail Enamel as part of the offer. I opted for the shade Privileged - this is a new addition to the core Revlon line, and is a very flattering orange-toned peach colour. I wore this on my graduation day, and needed about 3 coats for a streak-free finish... whilst it lasted all day on the day it needed to, it doesn't seem to have quite the same lasting power as other colours in the range, and chips after around 2 days, so I'd suggest taking the bottle  away with you if you fancied wearing it on holiday... it does look especially good when you're on the side of sun kissed.

*PR Sample

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