Friday, 17 July 2015

Nikki Lissoni Rose Gold Fantasy Tree Coin Earrings.

It's usually pretty safe to assume that when you go travelling, you'll probably have something stolen off you - and whilst I kept a close eye on all my electronics, it was my jewellery I should have been watching. Unfortunately for me, I had 2 sets of earrings stolen from my hand luggage when I was in Trinidad Airport; one pair being relatively cheap, and the other.... not quite so cheap. It was completely my fault for taking them away with me, so in all honesty I have no one but myself to blame. In an extra stroke of bad luck, both pairs just happened to be pearl drop earrings, so I was left with a dangly earring-shaped hole in my heart.

When I got back, one of my first purchases was this gorgeous pair of Nikki Lissoni Rose Gold Plated Coin Earrings... and I've pretty much been wearing them ever since.

I've recently developed a bit of a thing for rose gold; I find the pink hue compliments my skin tone where gold and silver could perhaps look a little stark. Speaking of which, if rose gold isn't your thing, the Nikki Lissoni coin range also has options of silver and gold plated jewellery; and this collection doesn't just stop at earrings, there's coin pendant necklaces on offer too. 

But back to the earrings; they're composed of 2 parts; a small stud carrier and a coin which attaches to the stud - you do have to buy these two items separately. And fear not; the studs are available in silver, gold and rose gold to ensure they match with your choice of coin! The Fantasy Tree Earrings have a beautiful floral design, and are embellished with small crystals adorning the tree branches. They are light as a feather to wear and look so gorgeous on, especially when they catch the light and those gems sparkle like nobody's business. I think they are absolutely stunning, and would make a wonderful gift for yourself a loved one, especially if they've got a special birthday or event coming up, like graduation... and would you know it, I happen to be wearing these very earrings to my graduation day next week!

And for when my rose gold obsession dies down, I've got my beady eye on the Gold Lovely Flower Coin Earrings, as well as the Bouquet of Roses Earrings, and I also like the Vintage Flower ones, too - at this rate, I might as well hand over my first pay cheque to Nikki Lissoni...

The Nikki Lissoni Fantasy Tree Coin Earrings are priced £30.00, and the matching stud carriers at £25.00 - to check out the entire range, click here.


  1. Isn't it just annoying, more than anything, when your items are stolen! I think it's not only selfish, but quite frankly unfair, and it happens all the time!
    I am happy that you found these gorgeous pair of earrings to now call your go-to - they really are stunning!
    Oh, and let me just add: your hair looks beautiful!
    Hope you have a lovely day! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

    1. You're so right, it's so frustrating - especially as it happened in the airport where I thought my things would be safe! I'm quite a fan of the earrings, too ;-) xx

  2. such a pretty earring! Too bad some were stolen, but these are gorgeous and I too looove rose gold :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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