Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour & Highlight.

I have to say I was never really into the contouring 'thing...' but that was before I realised I didn't have to use the super time-consuming Kim Kardashian method to get crackin' cheekbones.

Last year, I shared a couple of secrets to how I create my own contour product, but with my usual choice of L'OrĂ©al Paris Glam Bronze hitting pan a few months ago, I've been forgoing the contour.

Going into Boots for my usual 'one thing only,' (I forget what that was, seeing as I walked out with a bag full of new beauty toys), but I found myself at the Maybelline counter, intrigued by their latest release - the Master Sculpt Contour & Highlight. 

This is one of the first convincing budget alternatives I've seen to high end contour products like the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. The matte grey undertone to the Maybelline product was what sold me, as unlike the more orange-toned options in Boots, this one actually looked like it would produce a natural-looking contour.

I'm not going to lie, the packaging obviously doesn't look quite as nice as the Kevyn Aucoin option, but it's a pretty damn good alternative if you're not feeling all that flush, like me... roll on my first pay cheque at the end of August.

I'm actually rather impressed with the Master Sculpt contour powder (more about the highlighter in a second) - whilst it's not super pigmented, I've actually found this to be something of a blessing, as the product can be gradually built up to the desired look without fear of the dreaded stark stripe under the cheekbone.... it's particularly great if you're new to contouring, and want something to practice with.

The brush included in this set is not great at blending out the contour powder, and it's a little on the scratchy side... but if you can tolerate that it's pretty decent to use to deposit product in the hollow of the cheek - I tend to get a good amount of contour on the brush, tap off the excess, suck in my cheekbones and nestle the length of the brush along the hollows of my cheeks, before sweeping the it towards the hairline. I then go in with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to buff the edges and create a natural looking finish.

As for the highlight, it leaves a little to be desired. I find it rather chalky, and I don't think it actually does 'highlight;' more like leaves a dusty residue on the skin... then again, very little is going to live up to my highlight of choice, Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter (which I used on my graduation day). To be frank with you, I think I'd rather the Master Sculpt have been a 'one job' product with just the contour powder, rather than trying to be a 2-in-1 which does one of those jobs well, and the other... well, not quite so well.

A final note to add: if you're worried this colour will be a too dark on you, fear not, as I went for the Medium/Dark shade of the Master Sculpt - there's also a Light/Medium shade available to those with fair skin tones... so everyone can cheat their way to razor sharp Kim Kardashian cheekbones.

The Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour & Highlight is priced at £6.99, and available at Boots.

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  1. The contour powder sounds lovely, it's a shame about the highlighting powder! x

    TR's Thoughts


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