Thursday, 9 July 2015

Blossoming Gifts Flowers.

Wednesday was a pretty great day for me.

First came an envelope addressed to Dr Sud, carrying the news that I am now registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) as a medical practitioner, and second was a rather lovely package...

A new flower delivery service called Blossoming Gifts got in touch with me whilst I was out working on my tan in the Caribbean, and asked if I'd like to choose one of their beautiful summer bouquets to have for my very own... well I was hardly going to say no to gorgeous flowers, was I? 

I'd genuinely been looking forward to receiving the flowers upon my return, and the Summer Meadow Bouquet* certainly didn't disappoint...

The flowers were very well-packaged, in a sturdy cardboard box, which I practically tore open with my teeth... and I really think I picked my bouquet very well. Surrounded in sumptuous pink paper and finished with a little bow, this arrangement is the epitome of girly chic, and was jam-packed with blue veronicas, avalanche roses, lilac eustoma and daisies - some of the eustomas were a smidge wilted, but pinky promise it was only a couple of them, and it's pretty good going considering they were probably popped in the delivery van the day before - the rest of the bouquet was completely immaculate.

The lovely folks at Blossoming Gifts were also kind enough to include 2 boxes of chocolates with my flowers - my dad has got his beady eye on those (he's a dentist, he should know better!)...

I'm always happy to support smaller companies who are just starting out, and I'm super impressed with Blossoming Gifts - at £34.99, my bouquet was a little more on the pricey side, but when it comes to their online flowers, they have a lot of choice to suit every budget, including an array of cheap flowers for under £20.

If you're lusting over this lovely bouquet, I have some great news. You can nab yourself a whopping 33% discount on a Blossoming Gifts bouquet if you use the code BGIFT33 on their site - but please note, this code is not valid on the flowers by post range...

So if you're looking to buy a special someone (or yourself... why the heck not?!) a gift in the form of a gorgeous bouquet then get your tush over to Blossoming Gifts.

... and if anyone would like to buy me some more flowers I'd be more than happy to take them, seeing as my mum has nabbed my lovely bouquet to keep in the kitchen!

*The Summer Meadow Bouquet was kindly gifted to me by Blossoming Gifts


  1. Gorgeous bouquet and pics, Dr Ambi ;) xxx

    1. Waaah, you called me Dr! Still so surreal! xx


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