Monday, 23 February 2015

The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force.

When I stumbled across Fleur De Force's blog and YouTube channel over three years ago, the concept of bloggers/vloggers was completely unknown to me... a couple of years on, and YouTubers are the new breed of 'accessible' celebrity, with people like Zoella and Tanya Burr pretty much dominating the YouTube scene. I have to be honest and tell you that whilst I've watched some of their videos, they're not exactly vloggers that appeal to me as a 20-something soon-to-be professional. I didn't buy their books, and can't say I ever expressed much desire to do so... but it was a completely different kettle of fish when Fleur De Force announced she was writing one.

Fleur's grown-up, girlie attitude is, I think, much more akin to how I conduct myself, and when it comes to beauty she talks with great knowledge and authority, making her one of very few vloggers whose opinion I actually trust.

I pretty much squealed with joy when Fleur announced she would be writing a beauty, fashion and lifestyle guide, and another reason I was so happy to part with my cash was the fact she had made it very clear she was going to write the book herself... so I pre-ordered it that very day.

Earlier this month, Fleur's book finally launched, and thought I'd post a little review telling you how I've got along with it...

Glam Guide is broadly split up into several beauty, fashion and lifestyle chapter, with the latter covering aspects like health, fitnes and travel. The book itself has a gorgeous cover (making it a lovely prop on my bedside table, as well as a good read!), with sumptuous rose gold (Fleur's favourite!) embossed lettering on the front. The inside of the book is littered with stunning illustrations by Sally Faye Cotterill, a renowned beauty and fashion illustrator, along with lots of gorgeous colourful photographs of food, Fleur and her furry friends - I think the photo of Piglet lying in a suitcase quite literally turned me into the heart-eyed emoji.

Being a beauty obsessive, I thought I'd be ga-ga over Fleur's musings on hair and makeup - and whilst I did enjoy these chapters, to be completely honest they didn't really offer me much in the way of ground-breaking beauty tips. That being said, if you're a bit less clued-up about hair and makeup, there's some really good tidbits shared in them, and they're well worth a read regardless of where you are in terms of beauty-nerdiness. I actually found myself far more interested in the lifestyle sections of Glam Guide, and felt they had a little more of a personal touch, and giving greater insight into Fleur, her life and what she does away from the camera.

If I had to liken Glam Guide to another publication, I'd be tempted to go with Lauren Conrad's Style and Beauty, but Fleur's clearly put her heart and soul into making this book exactly what she wanted it to be, rather than a carbon copy of the other lifestyle guides available on the market. I love that she's included personal photographs along with chapters such as 'Life, Love, Dreams & Everything in Between,' which provide a really lovely touch amongst the chat about false lashes and fishtail braids.

Bravo Fleur: a job well done.

Glam Guide by Fleur de Force (RRP £14.99) is available at Amazon.

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