Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Instagram Catch-Up #3.

I've just finished an unexpectedly intense placement, and early starts and late finishes along with University work and regular working out pretty much left me next to no time to blog.
Seeing as I have been completely useless with blogging these last 6 weeks, I thought I'd give you a little Instagram catch-up and fill you in on what I've been up to instead of blogging... sound good?

Following my switch to a plant-based diet, raw chocolate Co-Yo has quickly become a vice...

... as has Booja Booja Dairy Free Ice Cream - the chocolate one is my favourite.

The rooftop view of Bristol from the hospital staff cafe... #PerksOfTheJob

Reasons I love Pinterest: it provides life motivation.

I've found myself browsing my photos from my 2010 trip to New York City... maybe 2015 will be the year I return to the Big Apple :-)
I've been sticking to my aim of working out 3-4 times a week - I even managed a full push-up the other day!

When February hit, it was time for a makeup change up - I went for a bronze eye with feline flick (quelle surprise) and a fresh pink lip.

A weekend at home meant a reunion with this little munchkin...

I found out I passed my finals in late January, and my parents got me a lovely congratulatory gift... I am now the very proud owner of a gorgeous Mulberry Del Rey (AKA my dream bag of many years). Unfortunately I'm not allowed to start using it until I've graduated in July... side eye emoji would go perfectly here.

 I loved this Pinterest find!

Me likey all da makeup.

When your phone autocorrects 'heading' to 'Hedwig,' you should probably re-assess your life (as a side: the 'doom' I was referring to was an exam... another reason I was quiet on the blogging front!).

Yet another Pinterest find; I love this Mindy Kaling quote (pardon her French, though).

A super fetch Throwback Thursday to when a kitchen table cloth was my style inspo.

In mid-February, my favourite YouTuber Fleur De Force released her new book - I've posted a full review here.

I had a lovely Valentine's day lunch date at Maitreya Social with my blogging buddy Rachel (whose photo I stole for my Instagram!) - she's written all about our food here... would you believe it, this burger was vegan, refined sugar and dairy free.

When February 14th rolled round, I made sure my Valentine* got me exactly what I wanted... some lovely bits from Rosie Huntington Whiteley's range at M&S.
(*N.B. my valentine = me)

 Credit: Calvin Klein
I managed to see Fifty Shades of Grey on Valentine's weekend (mini-review: I was expecting it to be rubbish, but found myself rather enjoying it - watch it before you judge it as it's completely not what I expected!)... naturally, Jamie Dornan was my post-Fifty Shades Man Crush Monday. Brb, just gonna go Google him for another 6537383 hours.

If you fancy checking out my Instagram feed, click here and make sure you give me a follow whilst you're there. If you already follow me, the eager-eyed of you may have noticed I missed out a prettyyyyy (all those Ys are necessary) big photo in that catch-up... I hate to sound a tease, but I'll be talking all about it on Friday, so make sure you check back then to find out more!

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  1. Great post! :) I love reflecting on old photos (your bunny is adorable!) x



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