Sunday, 18 January 2015


Whilst some prefer to travel light, I'm definitely more of a 'carries around the kitchen sink' kinda gal, so when I was kindly asked by Debenhams to select a handbag from their website, I opted for a big'un.
I went for the Warehouse Relaxed Shopper*, a huge slouchy tote bag in a mink grey colour, with sleek metallic hardware - sadly it's no longer available, but here's something very similar.

As an incredibly nosey person, I love looking at what other ladies carry around in their handbag so today I thought I'd let you guys see what I lug about in my lovely new Debenhams handbag!
Clockwise, starting at bottom right:

1. A magazine: I've had a subscription to Glamour for longer than I care to remember, so I'm nearly always carrying a handbag-sized copy... you never know when you might be very bored in a tutorial... kidding, of course. Chances are if it's not Glamour, it'll be travel-sized Cosmopolitan or Elle.

2. My iPhone: I've got an iPhone 5 and I'm constantly tapping away on it.. I reckon I check my Instagram about 60 times a day.

3. Chanel Les Beiges Powder: I love this product, it's great for on-the-go touch ups when I'm looking a little shiny, and it never, ever looks cakey.

4. My purse: mine is by Ollie & Nic, and was a gift from a dear friend many years ago, it's really well-made and still going strong.

5. My everyday lipstick: I usually have about 5 or six rattling around my handbag, but the one I reach most for is the L'Oréal Paris Liquid Lipstick in Molto Mauve*, a gorgeous peachy pink shade. The formula isn't particularly long-lasting, so I do find myself delving into my handbag to top-up my lippie a few times a day!

6. L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream*: I have extremely dry, sore skin between my fingers, and this cream has been my saviour in this cold weather. The tube is pretty massive, but a little goes a very long way.

7. Diary: in a bid to be more organised in 2015, I lug my diary absolutely everywhere.

8. A scarf: living in the UK, you never know when an icy blast is heading your way, so I've usually got a scarf tucked away just incase - I've been loving this RJR John Rocha Stole* recently.

On the theme of unpredictable weather, I also tend to carry round an umbrella - it's seen better days, so thought I'd spare you a picture.

Other things that tend to be floating about in my handbag and I forgot to photograph (d'oh) are Extra Chewing Gum, a big bottle of Glaceau Smart Water, a Nakd Bar for when I'm in need of a quick and healthy sugar fix and finally a Burts Bees Lip Balm*.

If I'm carrying my bag around in the hospital, chances are I'll also be carrying around things like a stethoscope, pen torch, fob watch and tendon hammer... as you do.

So that's #WhatsInMyDebsHandbag... what are your handbag essentials?

*PR Sample

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