Friday, 2 January 2015


I can't help but feel as though I'm a day late with this post... but better late than never, right?

2014 has been the most wonderful year for Bombay Rose - the highlight has to be being shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards for Best Established Beauty Blog. It really was such a huge achievement for me, as I started out this blog purely as a hobby, and never expected in my wildest dreams that I'd be up for an award for my writing. Whilst I didn't win, being shortlisted really was such an honour in itself... and I owe it all to you, the lovely people who read my crazy ramblings about mascara. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: thank you so very much.

Soppy part of 2014 reflective post: check.

In terms of beauty, it was all change for me. I experimented with red lipstick, contouring and finally 'fessed up to my blusher addiction. However, the biggest change of all came a mere few weeks ago, and saw me cutting off my waist-length Rapunzel locks to a Jenna Coleman-esque grown-out bob.  It was definitely the bravest beauty decision I've ever made and, unlike the pale green eyeliner I sported in my early teens, I just know it won't be something I come to regret.

2015 is a huge year for me, both personally and professionally - it's the year I turn 25 (so grown up... yikes), the year, provided my exams have gone okay, I get to travel abroad to work and, again exam-dependent, it's also the year I graduate... as a doctor. My six years at medical school have flown by, and I can't quite believe that in a few short months I will (fingers crossed) be Dr Ambi Sud. SHEER MADNESS.

So what about resolutions? Well, like many other people, I'm hoping to get myself in shape. I'm very lucky in that I'm naturally slim, but I can assure you, I am not very fit. People often say to me, "But you don't need to exercise when you're skinny!" which, I might as well be honest here, is something of a bugbear: because let me tell you, in my experience being slender does not necessarily equate to being healthy.

Whilst I don't workout, I am pretty active without even realising it - I'm on my feet  and constantly up and down stairs in the hospital, and I walk absolutely everywhere in my University city. It's not exercise, per-se, but it all adds up and keeps me relatively trim. I also eat healthily and include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet. It's no excuse, but finals revision meant I resorted to lots of quick and dirty meals laden with sugar, gluten and E-numbers, snacking round the clock and generally being a bit of a sedentary slob. I didn't put on any weight (in fact, weirdly enough, I lost some) but I felt awful, with no energy, no semblance of muscle tone, dull skin and tired eyes.

This year will see me commit clean-eating (I've just ordered this book having been inspired by Rachel) and carry out regular exercise (apparently shopping doesn't count as cardio) to get myself looking and feeling healthy. Despite my constant joking about it, I'm never going to have the body of a Victoria's Secret model... but I'd like to get myself leaner and stronger, which I think is quite a realistic resolution. For me, this really isn't about losing weight as I'm already at a 'number' I'm happy with - it's about looking and feeling healthy... and I'm actually pretty excited to turn myself into a fitness and foodie fiend.

I'll probably be posting a few odds and ends about my fitness journey so you can see how I'm getting on... if you're interested, of course. I hate feeling slightly worse-for-wear on a Saturday morning and seeing someone tweet about how they've dead-lifted 5739375 kilos, done 4 hours on the cross trainer and ran a half marathon whilst I've been lounging about feeling sorry for myself... and, as I'm also having a dry January, I'm hoping I don't become that annoying 'smug gym girl' on social media, taking a photo of every single meal I've eaten and tweeting about every minute I've spent on the treadmill - someone please slap and shake me if I begin to get irritating.

In terms of the blog, I haven't really got any specific ideas of where I'll be headed this year - I love writing about beauty, but 2014 has seen me branch out with my topic choices, so hopefully I'll continue along this thread... if that's what you want to see. I'll also be trying my hardest to blog more regularly, and hope to be better with scheduling posts in advance especially when I know I'm going to be busy. I'd love to tell you I'm completely done with exams and that all my free time can be spent working on my blog, but whilst I have sat my finals, I do have more exams (lucky me..!) between now and March... so please do bear with me!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015.

Ambi x


  1. I absolutely love you blog! I'm always finding myself looking to see if you've uploaded anything new, keep up the good work sweetie!

    1. You're so lovely! Thank you for reading and glad you enjoy doing so :-)

      Ambi xx

  2. Not very relevant to the post but OMG your wallpaper and decor, stunning!

    1. Ah thank you Shona! I did a blog post about my room decor here including where I got most of my bits and bobs from if you're interested :-)

      Ambi xx


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