Tuesday, 9 December 2014

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things...

If you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you're probably wondering where I've disappeared to.

Unfortunately I'm sitting my medical school finals in 6 days (yikes!), and blogging has taken something of a backseat... however, today's joy of learning about the countercurrent multiplier system of the kidney (don't even ask) has officially finished me off, so I thought I'd write a something telling you what has been keeping me sane during my revision-induced madness.

Candles have proven to be something of a calming influence at this rather stressful time - my favourite has been the Yankee Candle Simply Home Christmas Treats Medium Jar, which smells good enough to eat... literally. I'll probably be burning it well past Christmas (if it lasts that long, that is), as, despite what the name would suggest, this hasn't got a hint of festive cinnamon or spice about it, and instead smells of vanilla, white chocolate and shortbread... here's hoping I don't try and take a bite out of it.


I happen to have a very troublesome kind of eczema which affects the spaces between my fingers... and worst of all, it tends to flare up when I'm stressed. Most hand creams have really irritated the skin there, but the L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream* has completely relieved my dry, sore hands... and the tube looks a damn sight nicer than the not-so-sexy tub of emolient my GP gave me.

For a daily treat, I've been using The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter*, which is super nourishing and leaves a delicate shimmer on the skin... not all that useful when I'm living in hoodies and jogging bottoms (#RevisionWardrobe), but I'll be cracking this out next week when I'm ready to hit the town as soon as exams are finished.

On the rare days I have been wearing makeup, the Bourjois Color Edition 24Hr Eyeshadow hasn't left my 'lids - I've been loving Flocon d'or*, a shimmery beige-gold shade.

Over the weekend, I slipped and fell whilst online, and somehow went from innocently browsing at the Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Range... to purchasing; sorry, not sorry. A well-needed revision treat arrived on my doorstep this morning in the form of the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry... full review when I can actually wear it in public - I really don't want to waste this beautiful lipstick on my revision notes.

I've been wearing my Ambi Name Necklace a lot recently - I got it for Christmas about 4 years ago but it's been somewhat unloved these last few months.. 'til now. Unfortunately, this particular necklace was custom-made just for me (I designed it!), but this website creates personalised name necklaces; I happen to think that one of these necklaces would make a great gift for a friend or sister this Christmas... especially if they're a Carrie Bradshaw fan like I am - oh, and speaking of Carrie Bradshaw...

I redecorated my bedroom over two years ago, but there's a little space of wall just above my desk which has been left empty waiting for the perfect nick-knack to fill it... I stumbled across this Carrie Bradshaw Quote Print a few weeks ago and instantly knew it was made for my wall, now it just needs the perfect frame to house it in.

When I need a laugh, the Instagram account Tinder Nightmares has had me in stitches... if you've ever had a dodgy message from a dating 'site or app, you may well think again when you see these.

Can general Christmas joy be a favourite? Our tree went up last week and the sight of it during bleak revision just makes me smile (it doesn't make me smile when Donna and Rosie decide to hide under it when it's their bedtime).

I've well and truly saved the best 'til last... Michael Bublé's Christmas album. This has pretty much been on repeat since October for the last few weeks when I've not been revising, and I even got to see the man himself live in concert last week; it goes without saying that he was absolutely incredible.

Forget getting fit, eating healthily and all that jazz... 2015 Resolution #1: marry Michael Bublé

*PR Sample

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