Saturday, 27 December 2014

Instagram Catch-Up #2.

I'm baaaaaaack.

I mentioned in my last post that I was taking a little break from blogging whilst I sat my medical school finals - you might remember earlier this year, I was lucky enough to have even more exams (two sets of written exams in the space of 6 months... try not to be too jealous), and afterwards posted an Instagram Catch-Up (which proved to be pretty popular!) to get you guys up to speed as to what I'd been up to during my blog silence.

So seeing as it's been a fair while since I last posted properly, a good ol' catch-up is definitely in order... go grab yourself a cuppa and some biscuits from the Christmas selection box.

My local shopping centre had a great display up  for the festive season... it was probably aimed at small children but I, a 24 year old grown-up, had to take a photo with it (and drag my mum in with me too).

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Donna the bunny was up to her usual subtle tricks...

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A hilarious piece of advice if, like me, you're single... you're welcome.

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I got to see Mr Christmas himself, Michael BublΓ©, live in concert a few weeks ago and he was phenomenal... it's safe to say I've become even more obsessed with him.

With two weeks to go until the big exams, this also marked one of the last occasions I would look vaguely presentable (i.e. not bare-faced with pineapple hair).

A little revision pick-me-up came via Molly tweeting me to say she'd spotted me in an article on the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 in the January 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

I also discovered the most yummy candle ever - Yankee Candle Christmas Treats, which smells like shortbread, white chocolate and vanilla... yum.

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I'm not sure if this is still available as it is one of Yankee Candle's seasonal scents, but I bought it here.

When revision got too much, I found myself browsing the Charlotte Tilbury makeup range... however browsing swiftly turned to buying, and I got myself a rather luxe Christmas present...

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... and having been makeup-free for a fortnight, when it came to return to University for exams, I obviously had to wear it on the train back to Bristol.

The day before exams, the panic began set in - luckily, I have a great life motto. #WWLCD

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Exams done (they were as horrendous as I has expected to them be... if not more), I returned home and booked an appointment with my hairdresser. My hair grows scarily fast, and despite having my waist-length hair cut to past my shoulders in September, it was almost back to its original length by early December. This time, I went all in...

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I love my new hair, and think it was just the change-up needed in time for 2015... another advantage is that I'll be saving a small fortune on shampoo and conditioner next year - what's not to love?

Christmas Day was spent with the family, including our 2 floppy-eared, furry members - however, they weren't exactly feeling the festive cheer.

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And Christmas Day just isn't Christmas Day without an edgy black-and-white selfie...

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One of my favourite presents this year came in the form of a book - I'm not a massive reader, but I haven't put Pretty Honest down since I got it on Christmas Day, this book is a must-have for any lady, and of any age!

Thanks to the tripod and remote control I got for filming (along with the self-timer feature on my snazzy camera), we were able to get a photo of all 4 of us around the tree for the first time in years!

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After 2 days of eating non-stop, I can relate to this no end... I'll be munching on lettuce throughout January, promise.

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Phewf... consider yourselves officially caught up, and if you enjoyed reading this post, make sure you follow me on Instagram.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying some well-deserved R&R... I know I certainly am.

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