Monday, 29 December 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than buying yourself a luxury lipstick when you're not feeling all that great. Sure, you might find something similar shade-wise on the high street, but are you going to get the same kick each time you use it... probably not.

During study leave for my finals, I was waking up early day in, day out to revise, so pretty much feeling as rotten as I possibly could... and I ended up buying myself a little pick-me-up in the form of a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick.

I plumped for a Matte Revolution Lipstick, and, as I'm not really a red lipstick kinda gal, I opted for a deep, black-berry shade called Glastonberry... promise I didn't just buy it because of the awesome name.

I've never been a fan of matte lipsticks as my past experiences with them haven't left me all that happy. Whilst lots of people love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks, I just didn't like the feeling of the product on my lips... and, controversial opinion coming up, I happen to think MAC Matte Lipsticks are pretty over-rated (in my experience: difficult to apply, dry out the lips and flake like nobody's business). The Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipsticks are probably the best of the bunch I've tried, but even they are quite drying.

Charlotte's Matte Revolution Lipstick is something of a groundbreaking product because, despite its matte finish, it is not remotely drying on the lips. In fact, it glides on seamlessly and feels super creamy and nourishing, with no flaking in sight. The formula is incredibly long-lasting, as this stuff simply does not budge (and in fact required a slightly heavier hand with the cleansing oil to get it off!).

I'm wearing Glastonberry here, and it is a shade quite unlike anything I've seen in purse-friendly makeup ranges. It's definitely not one for ladies who are afraid of lipstick, as the colour is something of a statement. Whilst it looks almost black in the bullet (I actually thought I'd been sent the wrong lipstick initially!), it doesn't look quite as dark on the lips... pinky promise. In terms of the colour, I would say it's the more sassy sister of the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 107, with more of a black-purple, rather than red, undertone to it... but (as I've already mentioned) the formula is not remotely similar to the budget version, so trust me when I say this ain't just a pretty thing to look at.

The packaging, as with all Charlotte Tilbury products, is nothing short of stunning, with the lipstick encased in a beautiful corrugated rose gold shell, with the lid embossed with lady herself's initials.

As with the Luxury Eye Palette, the Matte Revolution Lipstick is an absolute joy to use, and Charlotte Tilbury products, as well as being bloomin' gorgeous to look at, are so well-made, and of such high quality that I think they are worth every damn penny. Next on my wishlist? The Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil in Amethyst Aphrodisiac. 

Torn between whether or not to part with your pennies?

At this time of publishing, the entire Charlotte Tilbury range had been reduced in the Selfridges sale, with this particular lipstick reduced by a couple of quid to £20.70, so you could buy it and use the unexpected leftover change to buy yourself a coffee.

Feel free to use that excuse when you buy one for yourself... you're welcome.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick (RRP £23.00) is available at Selfridges. 


  1. I love lipstick that doesn't budge, I've been using provocalips and that needs makeup remover and a heavy hand to remove, but it's been making me lips a bit dry with scrubbing it off!

    This is a lovely colour.

    Corinne x

    1. I sat treat yourself to a Charlotte Tilbury one, Corinne. Whilst it's harder to get off than some matte lipsticks, it's not one where you have to scrub 'til you have sore lips!

      Ambi xx


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