Saturday, 4 October 2014

Friday Night In.

It's been rather quiet around these parts of late... I do apologise.

My final year as a medical student is rather busy, with early starts and late finishes each and every weekday. I'm also placed at a hospital around 40 miles away from my cosy little flat in Bristol, which means when I'm back in my own bed on Friday night, I am all for an early night with some green tea and a Friends boxset... wild, right?

This weekend is set to be a crazy one, as it was my 24th birthday on Monday, and being on placement meant it wasn't really the time or the place to celebrate, which means I get to prolong the birthday to a birth-week.... I'm not complainin'.

In preparation for the manic weekend (and coming week, with the Cosmo Blog Awards on Tuesday!), I stayed in last night, tucked into a copy of Glamour magazine with an episode of Friends on to keep me chuckling (FYI, it was the one with Ross and the leather trousers... hilarious).

I mark October as a perfectly acceptable time to get myself a liiiiiittle excited that Christmas is nigh (shush you Scrooges out there trying to dull my festive cheer), so I lit a Bee Fayre Candle in Winter Scent* whilst I perused my glossy magazine... and my oh my, what a joy that was. Winter Scent has a rich, autumnal fig aroma and quite literally smells good enough to eat.

The Bee Fayre candles are decorated with an elegant botanical print, and the candles themselves are made of 100% natural plant wax... but here's the best part: that wax actually melts into a luxurious scented oil which can be used on the body, leaving you smelling amazing and your skin beautifully nourished.

You ladies will know I'm a huge advocate of cruelty free beauty products, and Bee Fayre candles are PETA certified, and suitable for vegetarian and vegan use.

These are really luxurious candles and are such a treat to light and use on the skin - if you're beginning to think about Christmas shopping, I think they'd make a wonderful gift for friends and family alike!

I'm really looking forward to trying out Winter Berries, a spicy cinnamon fragrance, when it's a little closer to the festive season... and, of course, I'll be burning it whilst donning my awesome gingerbread man Christmas jumper. Cannot. Wait.

Bee Fayre Winter Scent Candles range from £6.95 to £14.95, and are available at

*PR Sample


  1. Happy belated birthday, Ambi!!! Wishing you the best of luck in the Cosmo Blog Awards too!!!! <3

  2. Good luck with school. I finished my MBA in May, so I know how you're feeling. Sounds like a great way to relax on a Friday night.


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