Monday, 22 September 2014

Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss Body Butter.

My obsession with smelling like chocolate and coconut has begun to get ridiculous... so rather than opting for my usual choice of a cocoa and/or coconut-scented body lotion, I picked up the Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss Body Butter during an online Tesco shop - as a result, it seems I've replaced one addiction with another.

If you're not a fan of sweet scents, this may not be for you, but as a self-confessed sugar addict, I enjoy smelling good enough to eat, and this essentially smells like a raspberry cheesecake... yum.

I smother myself in this product each morning, and am left with baby-soft skin, along with a lingering sweet-smelling scent to sniff throughout the day. The body butter is super light in texture, whilst being really nourishing on dry skin like mine.

I'm all the more happy to use this product as Treacle Moon is against animal testing, making this (along with the rest of the range) cruelty free.

I'm fast nearing the end of my tub, and have now got my eye on the autumn-winter appropriate Warm Cinnamon Nights... but I must say I've also been rather eager to try out My Coconut Island in my bid to evolve into a real-life Bounty bar...

Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss Body Butter is priced at £3.99, and available at Tesco.


  1. Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss - that's an amazing name, most definitely makes me want to pop to my local Tesco and pick up some for myself.
    I love raspberry scented things. <3

    Juyey xx

  2. Sounds fabulous! I'm addicted to vanilla and coconut smells!


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