Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Last week, after finding 3 hairpins that I'd put into a fishtail plait one week earlier embedded in my hair (and yes, before you ask... I had washed it in those 7 days!), I decided enough was enough... it was time to lose the Rapunzel locks.

I booked an appointment at my salon, and off they came... and despite the protestations, gasps and sighs of the woman watching me get my hair cut (to her I say: you ain't the one washing and styling it all, love) I couldn't be happier with the finished result.

The cut is mid-length, with subtle long layers added for extra bounce, and was inspired by my current beauty crush, Jenna Coleman. I've got rid of the ombré I had done last year by using Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in 4.15, Iced Coffee; a warm, chestnut-chocolate hued dye... the conditioner in this is dreamy... hello shiny shampoo advert hair.

I know loads of you will be horrified I've hacked all my hair off, but using three hair elastics for a simple ponytail was getting rather annoying (#longhairproblems)... and combined with the twice-daily wrestle with a Tangle Teezer, the endless time it took to style and, finally, the loss of countless hairpins over the last few years, it was time to say sayonara. 

My hair grows at an alarmingly speedy rate, so I just figured I'd go for the chop... and if I hated it, at least it would be back, fast. But I don't hate it... I love it, so no problemo.

Now excuse me whilst I go and find a swivel-ly desk chair to sit in whilst swishing my hair about... that's what they do in the adverts, right?


  1. Ambi it looks gorgeous! And to be honest, I thought the picture at the top was "before" as it still looks gloriously long to me :) X

    1. Thanks Rachel... so glad I did it, it takes less than half the time to wash and style it now. Hellooooo lie-in :-) X

  2. It looks so beautiful! I love the colour, too - suits you really well!
    My hair grows back super quick too, and not too long ago I was in the same position as you! I cut it off (about 4 inches) and I loved it! My head felt a lot lighter and it was a billion times easier to manage... fast forward a couple of weeks and it feels so long again! :/
    Enjoy having a Cheryl Cole L'Oreal advert moment, your hair could totally be in one! ;)

    BerryBloomXO.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

    1. Ah thank you! It feels so much better, I think I'll be sticking to this length from now on! xx


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