Friday, 29 August 2014

Human + Kind Wash Off Facial Cleanser,

After months of using a rather stripping cleanser which kinda reminded me of Fairy Liquid (FYI, it was the Eucerin Purifying Cleanser*, and I recommend you steer clear of it), I was on the market for something a little more gentle.

I've been using the Human + Kind Wash Off Facial Cleanser* for the last few weeks... and it's been something of a welcome change for my poor complexion.

Human + Kind is a beauty range which uses natural ingredients, does not use animal-testing methods and is suitable for sensitive skins.

The Wash Off Facial Cleanser has a luxurious, creamy formula enriched with soothing aloe vera, cocoa seed butter, rosehip seed and marigold oils... all of which are wonderful for the skin.

Whilst the cleanser says it can take off makeup, I haven't really found that as I wear a fair bit. I think it's much better as an AM cleanser, with heavy duty makeup removal (waterproof mascara and the works) left to a good ol' balm.

The product has some rather chic packaging and comes with a deep-cleansing cloth... I have to be honest and say I wasn't too taken with this... instead, I massage a small amount of product into my wet skin, and remove it with a flannel, rather than the cloth supplied in the box. For gel cleanser addicts, it doesn't form the most satisfying of lathers, but I guess that's probably down to the stripped-back ingredients list... and to be frank, it doesn't need to lather, as it does its job perfectly well. When I use the cleanser first thing in the morning, it leaves my complexion feeling really clean, without feeling stripped (as most wash-off cleansers seem to do)... I actually think it leaves my skin looking soft, plump and nourished! I've found it really gentle but effective at healing breakouts (both old and active ones) without aggravating them.

It's been formulated to suit all skin types, and I can vouch for it working a treat for a combination skin type, like mine.

I love this company's ethos of using natural ingredients as far as possible... and being a very proud bunny mama, I'm really pleased to be using a quality product which hasn't been tested on any of my little ones' furry friends :-)

Human + Kind Wash Off Facial Cleanser is priced at £14.95, and available at Big Green Smile. 
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*PR Sample

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  1. ooo I love an all natural cleanser! Sounds good.

    Great Blogging!


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