Thursday, 7 August 2014

"Hello, my name is Ambi and I am a blush-aholic..."

Considering I was strictly a 'no blush' girl a mere 4 years ago, I've become something of an addict. They say acceptance of a problem is the first step to recovery, but I have no intention of recovering... there's just something about lots of blush that just makes me look so much healthier...

I'm going to be honest with you here: I do not spend time putting on makeup to make it look like I am wearing none... what exactly is the point of that? I am very much of the WWKMD (that's What Would Kate Middleton Do, obviously) school of thinking when it comes to makeup: she piles on her blush like there is no tomorrow, and seems to favour a more obvious flush to the cheeks... a girl after my own heart.

I own far too many blush compacts, but currently have these five beauties on rotation to address whatever makeup need I so desire (top left, clockwise):

The Natural 'Pop'
The Glo Minerals Blush Duo in Petunia* features 2 shades; a mid-pink colour for an all over flush, and a pretty plum shade for a pop on the apples of the cheeks: the result is really rather gorgeous. Of course, you can wear each shade individually if you so please... the pink shade comes out a little too pale as an all over blush on my darker skintone, but the plum shade looks really gorgeous when worn solo, and will definitely be something I wear more regularly in the winter... but for now, the combination of the two colours works an absolute treat.

The Tan Enhancer
A blush post just wouldn't be a blush post without a mention of NARS... and their Blush in Liberté is a firm favourite of mine (I'm actually wearing it in the photo). It's described as a 'burnished apricot,' and is such a flattering colour when you're rocking a tan. This was originally limited edition, but I'm so glad to see it's been added to the permanent NARS collection as I've been reaching for it most days this summer.

The One That Doesn't Budge
As you can probably tell, my tube of this stuff has seen better days... but that's a good sign, right? The Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher is my choice for days when the temperatures are soaring and for humid nights when I'm busting some moves on a dance floor. It's been formulated so that it is totally waterproof and virtually rub-proof: in short, when I want my blusher to stay put, this is the stuff I go for.

The Not-So-Natural 'Pop'
Going back to Kate Middleton (as most things do... I once managed to sneak her into a medical school anaesthetics presentation), and here's her personal blush pick: Bobbi Brown. Whilst I have it on good authority the Duchess favours the shade 'Pale Pink,' I'm a fan of 'Apricot' for creating a not-so-natural pop of colour on my cheeks. This scary-looking blush is seriouslyyyyyyy (all those Ys are necessary) pigmented... whilst I am a fan of an obvious flush, I'm not really one of the "Aunt Sally" look - don't go digging your brush around in the compact like I did the first time I used it! A light swirl and a tap of the brush and you'll get more than enough of a pop... trust me.

The Glow Giver
I've already dropped a NARS blush into this post... but, of course, their most famous shade had to get a mention. It was the one that started my love affair with blush - there's just something rather perfect about its peachy-pink hue combined with that delicate golden shimmer. If you're a beauty addict and haven't guessed which shade I'm talking about, shame on you... it is of course the cult classic, Orgasm. This is the shade I go for when I want to fake that glowy healthy look when I'm not looking or feeling glowy or healthy.

Asking a beauty fanatic what their top product is from their favourites is sort of like asking a parent who their favourite child is... but if I had to pick, it would probably be NARS Blush in Orgasm ... just don't tell the others, they might get jealous.

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  1. I need to hire you so you can help me with blushes, thats the one makeup item I am rubbish with. The Nars one sounds ideal, anything with a bit of bronze!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Ambi this made my day - I'm a strictly non-blush girl as you used to be, however when it comes to bronzer SAY NO MOREEE!! I'm so with you on not buying make-up to look like I'm wearing none - I want my cheeks so bronzed they're more sun-snogged than sun-kissed :D
    Holly Mixtures


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