Monday, 18 August 2014

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger #2.

Ahhh... beauty bloggers.

We have you guys believe we are constantly glamorous, and always preened and primped to perfection... and it's all a big fat lie.

Maybe I'm not speaking for all of us here, but sometimes I think we lull you all into a false sense of security about how we live... because, truth be told, if you turned up at my house at 5PM on a Sunday afternoon, you would find it very hard to believe I write a beauty blog whilst I'm sprawled on the sofa in front of a DVD boxset, makeup-less, pyjama-clad and with Hob-Nob crumbs down my front.

Today, it's time to dispel the myths... I've already done a post like this before, but there are plenty more sins for me to confess, I assure you.

1. I pick my mascara off my eyelashes when I'm concentrating hard (e.g. during an exam)... it's pretty gross.

2. I'm a massive fan of the 'shower mani-pedi' - this is where I paint my finger and toenails rather carelessly, then leave daily bathing to take care of the bits of messy dried polish on the surrounding skin. If I'm reviewing a nail polish on the blog, I will do this, then take photos of my nails looking all spick and span so that you guys think I've done them perfectly... now you know that is not the case.

3. I only discovered blusher when I turned 20, and went without it for many years before that... funny, because now I wear too much of the stuff. It's a problem I've blogged about, but have no intention of changing, despite my Dad's frequent comment of, "Ambi, there is a lot of pink stuff on your cheeks." Nice.

4. I'm a big believer in letting your skin breathe whenever possible, along with being confident in your own bare skin, and I actually prefer not wearing makeup where I can get away with it... I posted a bit of a ramble about going makeup-free earlier this year if you fancy a read.

5. For every coiffed-to-perfection photo (like the one above), there are plenty of not so great ones...  case and point:

The perils of zhuzh-ing your hair whilst working against the camera's self-timer.

6. People often assume that because I write a beauty blog, I am great with hair and able to create lots of fancy 'dos... I'm actually rather useless with styling hair, and a fishtail braid is about as fancy as I get.

7. Whilst many beauty bloggers will write amazing posts about how they store their makeup, I live in shame about how I store mine; thrown haplessly into overflowing makeup bags, drawers and boxes... and no, I do not own a single piece of Muji storage.

8. The first thing I notice about another girl is her eyebrows.

9. "If nothing else has worked, smother it in coconut oil," seems to be how I solve most beauty issues these days.

10. I love that my hobby of beauty blogging is worlds apart from my University degree... believe me, it makes for some interesting reactions when I tell senior doctors what I do in my free time! 

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  1. I love this! I do number 1 as well - I can't help myself! And I am rubbish at hairstyles too - I can create any curls or whatever, but up-dos are pretty beyond me. Even my messy buns are actual-messy, not artfully-pretend-messy! x

  2. haha these posts are great! Pajamas are literally my fav outfit, too! :D
    OMG, the shower mani-pedi = my life!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  3. Hahah I'm with you on SO many of these, especially No. 5 & 7!

    Style Sunrise☀


  4. Think anyone who has to take photos of themselves has about 100 bad photos for every good one haha.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Haha yeah my public appearance usually resembles lazy teenager rather than beauty blogger.


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