Thursday, 14 August 2014

Battle of the Budget Balms.

I'm a huge fan of the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm... but not so much of its eye-watering price-tag. Whilst I love the odd splurge on a luxe item, sometimes you can't beat a good bargain.

For the last couple of months, I've been sampling three budget-friendly cleansing balms... and today I'm going to take you through the pros and cons of each them. 

This balm contains some skin-friendly ingredients such as olive, rosehip and jojoba oils, " leave skin smooth and beautifully clean."  It sounds like a dream on paper, but unfortunately, I really didn't like it.... it left quite a heavy residue on my skin even after removing the product with a flannel. I developed lots of clogged pores and blackheads a few days into using it, and through a little research I discovered that one of its main ingredients, shea butter, to be something of an irritant to acnegenic skins. I also found it pretty rubbish at removing non-waterproof eye makeup (therefore it barely made a dent on my waterproof mascara), think the tub to be somewhat unhygienic (I much prefer tubes for balms) and thought the smell to be rather... interesting. It contains fragrance in its formula m aking me think this scent was a deliberate choice rather than the result of the 97% organic content... to be frank, I'm not sure why Boots would want this product to smell the way it does. It's safe to say I won't be buying this again.

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser (£9.50)
I posted a review of this product a couple of months ago, so I'll keep this short and sweet... with a few updates. I still adore it, and think it to be one of the best balms (even though the name states otherwise, this is essentially a balm in a tube!) I've ever used... making the price a massive plus point. It also contains rosehip and almond oils in its formula, and removes makeup with ease to leave skin soft and smooth, without the oily residue. It removed the majority of my eye makeup effortlessly, but having since tested it out on waterproof mascara laden lashes, it's not quite as great... other than this, I really can't fault this product.

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm* (£14.50)
This balm contains plenty of skin-friendly ingredients (such as sweet almond oil, Mangosteen extract and Echium Seed Oil), which have been combined with acnegenic skins in mind, as none of the ingredients are known irritants to blemish-prone skin. This stuff is dreamy, removing all my makeup (including that pesky waterproof mascara) with total ease. There's no tacky residue left after I've removed the product, and it leaves my skin thoroughly cleansed, but not stripped of moisture. I personally don't have a problem with the scent, but from what I've seen about this product, it is something of a love-hate thing. The only negative is the amount of product is on the stingy side (100ml) compared to the other budget balms... however when you compare the price with the Emma Hardie equivalent, you're still saving a heck of a lot of money. And with its ability to melt off all of my makeup including waterproof mascara, it pips No7's offering, making it the winner in the battle of the budget balms.

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  1. The Merumaya Cleanaing Balm is one of the balms I've been wanting to try for time. I have to agree compared to the other balms, the 100ml seems stingy but it's still a great price and much more affordable than many other balms like the Emma Hardie balm. X

  2. Nice post! I've been using No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser for a while now and gotta say it's the one of the best makeup cleansers I've ever used! I never had any problem with it x

  3. I tried the boots balm and hated it. It gave me spots and made my face feel really horrible and greasy even after washing it off twice. Safe to say it went in the bin! - Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion blog

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    Emma x

  4. Have you tried Boots No 7 Cleansing Balm? It's different from the Melting Cleansing Gel but not tried it myself...


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