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10 Reasons To Love the ghd Aura Hairdryer.

Say hello to the ghd Aura hairdryer*... isn't she a beauty?

Rather than posting you a long winded block of text harping on about this product, I'm going to tell you 10 reasons I love this hairdryer...

1. The Ability to Pose Like a Member of Charlie's Angels With it
 Obviously, this had to be number 1.

2. The Design
In two words: sleek and chic. The dryer has a matte black finish with silver trim. The handle is easy to grip during styling, and the appliance is easy to manoeuvre around the head even when you get to the awkward section at the back. The buttons (I'll get to those in a second) are appropriately placed, so it's easy as pie to flick between different settings whilst you're using the hairdryer.
My last hairdryer died a slow death thanks to the impossible task of cleaning the filter at the back of the device, which collected dust and totally impaired the hairdryer's function... no such problem with the Aura which features a removable mesh filter (above) to make cleaning super easy... stylish and functional, what's not to love?

3. The Weight
Stating the obvious here... but I have a lot of hair. Blow-drying it is not a task I enjoy, and is one I generally consider an upper body workout thanks to the hefty weight of most hairdryers, along with how long my hair takes to dry. The Aura is incredibly light, and features an external power supply (above) to reduce the weight of the dryer... the negative of this being a blow-dry no longer counts as my cardio.

4. The Heat Settings
"But that's not a very exciting feature!" I hear you cry.
Well, it is, my friend - there are 3 of them (high, medium and cool), and the hottest setting is seriously hot, drying all of my hair in a matter of minutes. I personally think it's too high a temperature for daily use, and find the medium setting provides a decent dose of heat minus the slightly singed look to the ends of your hair... but if you're in a hurry it's a pretty neat feature to have just incase. There's also a cool 'shot' button for a burst of cold air whilst you're using the higher heats - I love using this at the end of blow-drying to seal in the style and to add some shine to the hair cuticle.

5. The Cool-Wall Technology
As I've said this thing packs a punch in the heat department. Major #longhairproblems coming up here, but another reason I (normally) hate blow drying my hair is the fact my appliance tends to get rather hot throughout the drying process... pretty sure I've sustained a burn or 2 as a result. The Aura has been given this name because it actually creates an 'aura' of cool air to surround the hot air... clever, no? This means the hairdryer stays cool, no matter how long you're drying your hair for. I genuinely had to keep feeling my hair to see that it was actually getting dried as I was so thrown by this feature - I'm so used to handling a really hot hairdryer (the aforementioned burns say otherwise) so it was a much appreciated feature on the Aura.

6. The Laminair Technology
Yet another clever feature from the ghd lot - this ensures a concentrated stream of air from the dryer, so you're not going to mess up the rest of your carefully coiffed locks whilst working on another section!

7. The Power Settings
There are 2, I tend to opt for the higher one, but I'd imagine the lower one would be adequate for those with finer hair than me.

8. The Noise
... or rather, the lack of it.
Each day, I am woken up by members of my family using a noisy hairdryer before work (how rude - I need my beauty sleep). Even though it's seriously powerful, the Aura is super quiet, so I'm disturbing no one's forty winks... I'm kind like that.

9. The Extra Long Power Cord
Four metres of cord means you're not limited when it comes to moving the appliance around your head, which makes the whole process of blow-drying so much easier.

10. The Nozzle
I've saved the best 'til last. I'll start out by telling you that I normally chuck away the extra attachments that comes with a hairdryer because, as I've mentioned already, they tend to get dangerously hot. The ghd Aura nozzle is equipped with the Cool-Wall technology I touched upon earlier, and this means it stays cool even during extensive use. I used the nozzle to create a smooth finish to the lengths of my hair, but thanks to the nifty Cool-Wall technology, I could also use it at the roots to create more volume all without a nasty burn in sight.

I've absolutely loved using this product to create a sleek, smooth look to my hair... plus it's made blow-drying something I enjoy rather than dread all thanks to its many clever features. I'm not going to lie... it is pretty damn expensive and realistically speaking, the ghd Aura is something I wouldn't be able to buy myself given the fact I'm a student. But if you're feeling flush, it's worth a bit of a splurge... or if you have a birthday coming up, get someone else to splurge for you :-)

The ghd Aura Hairdryer is priced at £145.00, and available from ghd.

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  1. Looks like a handy dandy product from GHD, I must say!
    Oh, and I loooveeee number 1!

    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Amazing hairdryer, the air flow is really concentrated out of the nozzle allowing you more control.

  3. Thanks, I find this quite helpful. since I`m consider to upgrade a new hair dryer ...:)


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