Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Bigger, The Better.

Get your mind out the gutter people, I'm obviously talking about hair.

When I heard on the beauty blogger grapevine that L'Oréal Paris had launched a haircare range which claimed to create thicker tresses, I can't say wasn't all too fussed about trying it out for myself given that my hair is already somewhat bountiful.

Roll on a few weeks and the combination of my mother singing its praises and a TV campaign featuring my girl crush and I'd done a total 180.

I've been road testing the L'Oréal Paris Elvive Fibrology Shampoo*, Conditioner* and Thickness Booster* and can honestly say I noticed a huge difference in my hair in just one wash - in fact, the picture below was taken the first time I used the range... 

I'll just let that very picture speak for itself:

FYI: no texturising spray or dry shampoo in my hair as I'd run out of both.

The range has a really lovely scent to it, and having tried out the 3 products together, and seperately, I can tell you this range works best when you commit to the trio of Shampoo, Conditioner and Thickness Booster.

I was particularly intrigued by the Thickness Booster - this is a clear, serum-like substance which is mixed in with the Fibrology conditioner (and subsequently rinsed out) to amp up the power of the products.

"But how does it all work?" I hear you cry. Well, the range contains Filloxane, a technology created by those clever beauty buffs at L'Oreal - this ingredient penetrates the hair fibre and increases its diameter, and in doing so, actively thickens each and every strand... I was concerned it would leave my hair gritty and full of residue, but I've got no problems to report, and have found it to make my hair look healthy and nourished.

It all sounds like a big claim, but I can hand on heart say it's all true.

This stuff actually worked on my ridiculously thick hair, so if you've struggled with fine, thin hair then consider your prayers answered by the hair gods at L'Oréal Paris...

The L'Oréal Paris Elvive Fibrology Range is priced between £2.99 - £6.99 and available at Boots.

*PR Sample


  1. Aaahhh Blake looks stunning as usual in the ad! I'm quite curious to try this, even though my hairs already quite thick...mainly just to see if it lives up to its claims!

    Megan xxx


  2. You're hair ! It's just so beautiful, and conjures up images of mermaids every time I see a picture! I'm intrigued to see how this will work on my hair - and as my S&C are just about to run out...well, I AM excited !
    Ellie xx


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