Saturday, 29 March 2014

Currently Coveting #2.

It's getting to the end of my University term, which means my bank account is not exactly what you'd call brimming right now... which only seems to make me lust after more beautiful things.

Essentially, this blog post is pure torture for me - I hope you appreciate how difficult this was for me to write.

With the sun out to play for the last couple of weeks, I've been feeling a tad more springy... but you can probably tell that from my pastel-hued picks...

Currently Coveting #2

1. L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Quad in Eau de Rose (£7.99)
With my beloved Estée Lauder Raisins palette discontinued, I've been on the hunt for a suitable alternative, and think this budget-friendly L'Oréal Paris offering may just be the answer to my prayers.

2. F&F Cropped V-Neck Jumper (£14.00)
I think this pastel jumper would look great paired with a high waisted white pencil skirt and massive nude heels on a spring night out...

3. Zara Taylor Rose Water Opal Earrings (£20.00)
Do I really need a reason to want these? They're just so damn pretty.

4. ASOS Peach Midi Skirt (£30.00)
Once thought of as a little, shall we say, dowdy, midi skirts are making a huge comeback this season. Chosen in the right colour (like, say, peach) and accessorized the right way, they can look incredibly stylish.

5. Mulberry Primrose Bag (£1,250)
My mum and I spotted this tri-coloured Primrose bag at a Mulberry counter a few weeks ago...  we requested the price and had the shock of our lives. It adds up to about 4 months of rent for me, ouch.
It goes without saying that this is probably not an item I will end up buying for myself, but it sure is one I can lust over.

6. Topshop Skinny Tailored Blazer (£48.00)
I have a rather vast collection of blazers in my wardrobe but have a distinct gap where a blush-coloured one could be....

What do you think of my picks?


  1. Everything is so pretty! I want that bag!

  2. I know what you mean, it's like you really want something but your wallet is screaming 'Noooo sont get it! You'll regret it later!' But that bag is worth hearing my wallet scream for! It's gorgeous! Also, love the peach/blush tones you have picked out!

  3. I have that eye shadow quad and it's lovely, some great picks x

    1. I've been eyeing it up for WEEKS! Do you like it? x

  4. gorgeous picks here hun! I love that blazer, I think I might need to invest in that! The ASOS midi skirt is cute too!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. Me too - Oasis have some gorgeous midis in too at the moment... although I found an awesome stash in my mum's wardrobe from the 90s. Helloooo vintage chic x

  5. Love your pics! I've been in a springy mood even though it is cold and rainy here in Pennsylvania today. I recently picked up some fabulous spring color nail polishes from Butter London. I also picked up their new gel base and top coat. It is supposed to be more sturdy than the usual. I'm doing a lot of cleaning today in the house, so the manicure will get the workout today!

    1. My friend has been raving to me about Butter London polishes... what did you make of them? x

  6. I'd love the Mulberry Primrose bag.... If only my student loan could stretch that far! xx

    D Is For...


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