Monday, 10 February 2014

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser.

Confession time: my new cleansing love, the No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser, was actually a bit of an accidental discovery.

I ran out of my usual Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash Gel when I went home for a post-exam break a couple of weeks ago... which led to me having a rifle through my mother's skincare stash. At the time I wasn't particularly fussed what I used on my face, as long as it got my warpaint makeup off and left my skin clean...

I squeezed a bit of product out of the tube... and the rest was history. The Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser is, hands down, one of the best bits of skincare I've used in a very long time...

In my opinion, it's basically the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm in a tube ... and minus that ridonkulous price-tag too, might I add. Priced at a purse-friendly £9.50, it's not going to bankrupt you... and seeing as there's usually an offer of some sort on at No7, be it a £5 off voucher or 3-for-2, you're winning.

The product is a rather lovely hybrid of a gel and balm, and is applied directly to the made-up, dry face. The warmth from the fingers transforms it into a luxurious, sweet-smelling oil, which quite literally melts makeup off the skin. After a little facial massage, remove with a damp muslin cloth and you'll be left with baby-soft, cleansed skin. The formula contains natural rosehip and almond oils, which mean your skin is moisturised rather than tight and dry, and it does this without leaving a tacky, sticky residue.

Although this is targeted at Normal-Dry skin,  I've found it to work an absolute treat on my oily complexion... and all without causing me to break out. From personal experience, I know the temptation with oily and combination is to "dry it out," but I've worked out over the years that incorporating balms and gels (much like this one) as well as pure, natural oils (I'm lookin' at you here, Trilogy Rosehip Oil) into an oily skincare routine can work wonders for this skin type... and actually work to balance out unruly skin rather than aggravate it.

I can't rely convey just how much I recommend this cleanser... and if my review doesn't convince you, how about telling you that a fellow fan of this product is Nicole Scherzinger... yeah, thought that might sway a couple of ya.

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser is priced at £9.50 and available at Boots.


  1. Great review
    I have bought a few things from the No7 years ago the gentle exfoliator & nail & lip things but none recently. Will be trying this have combination oily skin. If Nicole uses it & she has Amazing skin and she can use any brand too

  2. I really want to try this now! I've used the other cleansing lotion from the normal/dry skin line and it worked alright for me. Only thing is that No7 can be expensive here in Canada, but if it works it's worth it, right? Have a good one!

  3. Sounds fab, I want to try this out now


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