Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Truth be told... I'm getting a little bored of my hair.

I'm sure many of you will hate me for saying it (especially if you have issues growing your own hair or have just gone for the chop..!) but long hair can become something of a drag, and especially as washing and blow-drying it easily becomes an evening-long chore: yes... really.

I was tempted to go for the chop after seeing how great a mid-length cut looks on Ysis and Anna, but despite how bloomin' awesome the pair of them look, I know for a fact that I will regret it pretty quickly. You see, a couple of years ago, I made the brave decision to lop off all my hair and after the initial month-long feeling of, "WOW! This is just sooo liberating!", I just wanted my long locks back.

I've been delving back into old photos of myself (not much fun... I had serious issues with makeup back when I was a teenager. Why did no one inform me how much better I'd look with a bit of blusher?!) and found this gem of eighteen year-old me (yes, that is me in that blurry shot up on the left) with a full fringe... and it's got me thinking awful long and hard about getting it back.

I've taken rather hard to Pinterest and trawled through celebrity fringes I like the look of... and have come out with a clear winner.

Credit: Wire Image

We are hardly twins but I've been told that I bear something of a (weak) resemblance to Lea Michele. I can kinda see why... we have similar facial proportions as well as the same oval face shape.... and she just happens to be sporting my dream fringe: full... but not too blunt, choppy... but not too wispy.

Think I've found my fringe-spiration.... now to brave the salon chair...


  1. I have been thinking about getting a fringe for months, I like the idea but I think it will be too much hassle x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. Oh, I can really see it! You would so suit this, look at cute little 18 year old you haha :)
    Love in Modern Life

  3. You look great with both! But I had a fringe last year for a few months and absolutely loved it, it's just annoying to keep up with - mine would grow over my eyes so quickly. Just a thought!

    Fi xx

  4. Every time I decide to get a fringe similar to Lea Michele's I always regret it, because I hate when it grows out. It just looks so awkward. I can see this look working on you though. Can't wait to see if you decide to do it! :)


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