Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Alpha H Liquid Gold.

I have a dull complexion at the best of times, but there's something about being ill that makes any faint glimmer of radiance evaporate from my skin... and I think I'm right in saying that's the same for the rest of you.

I've relied rather heavily on Alpha H Liquid Gold the last two weeks whilst recovering from my nasty bout of 'flu to get my skin looking a little less ... well... "bleugh" (yes, that was a technical term).

Liquid Gold is a glycolic acid treatment which works to gently exfoliate the old, tired and dull top layer of skin to reveal the fresh-looking radiant skin sitting just underneath it. It's super quick and easy to use: all you do is cleanse, then dampen a cotton wool pad with the product and sweep over the face before heading to bed... by adding serums or moisturisers over it, the product is less effective in its action, so stick with the directions here and you'll wake up with glowing skin... pinky promise!

It's nothing short of a miracle worker, gradually fading hyperpigmentation and acne scars and is a rather effective cure when concentrated onto spotty patches should you have a stubborn, persistent breakout (much like me this week... nightmare!).

I normally use Liquid Gold once a week - my skin is currently in a bit of a state, so I've upped it to 2-3 times just for the last fortnight. Alpha H do advise you use this treatment every other night... personally, I find this to be a little on the excessive side for my skin type, and will probably revert back to a once-a-week treat when my skin's recovered from its current strop.

Only downside of this product is the, frankly, ridiculous price tag. A 100ml bottle will set you back £31.50... yeah, told you it was ridiculous. Having said this, I'm still getting use out of my very first bottle (the packaging has been revamped since my original purchase), so this is something of a long-term investment. That's what you should tell your bank-manager, anyway...

Alpha H Liquid Gold is priced at £31.50 for 100ml, and available at BeautyBay.


  1. It's not the cheapest but it sounds like it does a great job :) Raspberrykiss xo

  2. Ahh that price... It sounds amazing though!

  3. I've read nothing but good reviews on this and the only thing that has stopped by from buying it in the past is the price.. but, I guess, you can't put a price on glowing skin!
    May have to invest at payday. :)



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