Monday, 12 August 2013

Skincare Tips for Problem Skin.

I've always been pretty up-front about the fact that my skin can be problematic... so any guesses as to what my most frequently requested post is?

If you guessed 'Skincare Routine,' then you're absolutely right.

Whilst I'm more than happy to share my love of the odd product, I find giving you the exact ins-and-outs of every single item I use on my skin a bit useless... why? Because everyone's skin is completely different, and I feel recommending you an assortment of lotions and potions which happen to work for me isn't all that helpful to you. The products you use on your skin are one piece of a rather large dermatological cake (mmm, cake) - genetics, diet (maybe I'll leave the cake, then...) and lifestyle also contribute to your skin and its nature.

So instead, I decided to share some tips with you for how I have tackled my problem skin - there's the odd product thrown in for good measure, without a step-by-step walk-through of everything I use on my face.

I am by no means a skincare expert, and heck, my skin can still throw a spectacular hissy-fit... but these bits of advice have come from careful research and years of personal experience. I  think sharing this with you is a hell of a lot more practical than giving you a beauty product cocktail that may only work for me.


As always, choose to watch on YouTube for all the extra information regarding the links and products mentioned in the video.

Sod it, I'm off to find some cake...


  1. Oh my skin has proper hissy fits when it wants too as well, lovely video xx



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