Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July Favourites.

My July Favourites video has just dropped over on my YouTube channel - but before I give it to you, a number of things to apologise for... namely me repeatedly referring to 'July' as 'June' (I blame the stress of the four thousand word essay I handed in the very morning of filming), my camera deciding to die on me halfway through the process, and (to top it all off)... a whackin' great big thunderstorm starting outside just after aforementioned death of filming device, which rather helpfully messed up my lighting.


But nonetheless I persevered, and here is the finished product:

Opt to 'Watch on YouTube' for all the extra sauce regarding products and people mentioned throughout the video. I'm off to find a four-leaf clover/turkey wishbone/genie in a lamp before my next attempt at filming, think I may need all the luck I can get...


  1. Such a great video! How crazy has all this thunder and lightening been! Love the blusher, its such a great colour! X

  2. I am ADDICTED to Sugar Crush body scrub!!

    That blusher is definitely one I need to check out too, so pretty.

    Laura xxx

  3. Fab video Hun, love your choices too :)

    Katie xo

  4. Lovely favourites :D I love the Sugar Crush body scrub and I am desperate to try the S&G Bronzer too, it looks gorgeous! :) xo

    Beaumaquillagex | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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