Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday Favourites.

Happy Friday! I wish I could be a little more cheery about the prospect of the weekend, but unfortunately I have a four thousand word project which ain't gonna write itself. Great.

Favourite Dress:

Floral Skater Dress with Buckle Straps, £25.00 from ASOS

Favourite Look:

Credit: WENN
Blake Lively, obviously. I'm beginning to think I mention her too much! I need to go on some sort of Blake detox and not talk about her for a while... let's see how long that lasts!

Favourite Lust:

NARS Casino Bronzer, £26.00 from HQ Hair
The cult beauty classic 'Laguna' bronzer just doesn't show up on my skin, so I really want this darker shade!

Favourite Piece of Wisdom:

Favourite View:

Bristol has been looking so gorgeous in the sunshine! This was my view when I had lunch by Clifton Suspension Bridge earlier this week... not bad, eh?

Have a great weekend!


  1. That dress is beautiful, I love the buckles on the straps, they're so cute! Great post :)

    Sophie xo | thatswhatsophiesaid

  2. Aww Blake lively, always looks great!


  3. i love Blake lively as well, probably as much as you do!
    Kamila xx

  4. The favourite dress and look are both gorgeous! Good luck with your project!

    Olivia xxx
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