Sunday, 19 May 2013

So Summer, So Chaud.

The sun is shining and it's officially warm enough to venture out without a jacket on, which means two things...

1) Exam season is nigh... therefore you aren't getting out and about to experience aforementioned glorious weather, and are writing blog posts from the confines of your work desk (bitter, me? Never!).

2) It is finally summer.

There's nothing quite like a punchy pout to don when the weather gets warmer, and I've found the perfect lipstick for Summer 2013... say hello to MAC Lipstick in the shade So Chaud.

I'd always associated the red lip with an autumn/winter look, but So Chaud is definitively summery, with a bright orange-red undertone to it, and a matte, shine-free finish (beauty maths dictates that gloss + summer heat = total mess).

The only downside to this lovely lipstick is the staying power; I find it begins to look dull, dry and in desperate need of a top-up after about 2 hours of wear... so I've taken to applying it by rubbing my finger over the bullet and onto my lips - this gives a much longer-lasting finish than direct application.

This shade will flatter lots of different skintones, and I can't wait to wear it with a little white dress and a tan once I'm free to venture out into the sunshine.

But, for now, back to the books I go...

MAC Lipsticks are £14.00 and available at Debenhams.


  1. love that lipstick shade! i'm a sucker for red lips :)


    1. Me too, definitely try it out. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) x

  2. This colour is actually amazing! I am loving red lips at the mo Mac is doing it!

    1. I know - so pretty! I'm after Ruby Woo next...

      Ambi x


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