Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday Favourites.

Happy Friday!

I'm one exam down but still have four to go, so blogging hasn't been too high on the agenda when I need to know how to interpret a chest X-ray and the likes... I did manage to write a quick, fun post earlier this week, though!

Favourite Dress:

Favourite Giggle:

Favourite Guilty Pleasure:

Credit: MTV
In revision breaks, I have been watching The City (Whitney Port's spin-off from The Hills);
it's deliciously camp, cut-throat and bitchy (I'm lookin' at you, Olivia Palermo) but
 I bloody love it. Get Season 1 on DVD here.

Favourite Truth:

Favourite Tutorial:

Back to The City, and I'm loving Olivia Palermo's impeccable clothes and hair on the show, but I'm completely obsessed with her flawless makeup, so this Tanya Burr tutorial is right up my street!

Have a great weekend!

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