Monday, 25 February 2013

The Tongless Wave.

When it comes to my hair, I used to be a styling tool addict - rollers, curling tongs, straightening irons... you name it, I've probably abused my poor old hair with it.

I previously used these sorts of appliances everyday, and began to get lazy with the heat protection spray... after months of torture, I was left with dry, frizzy hair and an abundance of split ends. It was beyond repair, so my hairdresser decided the kindest thing to do for my long-suffering locks was to lop off the damage, of which there was an awful lot... consider my lesson learned.

Now when I do use tongs and straighteners, I religiously use a heat-protectant, but I'm not constantly wearing my hair in Kate Middleton curls... in fact, I have days where no heat (other than very light use of a blow-dryer) touches my tresses.

Say hello to my new best friend... the tongless wave.

It's a natural, effortless "I just stepped off a California beach" wave... and the best part is there's not a curling iron or bottle of salt spray in sight. Hooray for laziness.

To create this look, wash your hair and generously apply Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner (£4.49).  Dry until about 60% damp, then simply twist your tresses up in a tight ballerina bun - it has to be tight to create waves as opposed to 'undone' hair. The next morning, release the bun and smooth through a little TRESemme Split Remedy Sealing Serum, before finishing with a spritz of hairspray... and hey presto, you've got yourself Blake Lively waves, minus the hassle of fiddling around with curling irons!

These waves are great for using as a base for a fishtail braid when I want to squeeze yet another day's wear out of my unwashed hair... again, without needing to use any heated appliances.

What's your go-to, minimum effort hairstyle?  


  1. You're blog is great :) I'm Your new follower:)

    1. Hi Monika - that's so kind, so glad you like it & thanks for following. Hope you enjoy all the posts coming up this week :-)

      Ambi xx


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