Sunday, 17 February 2013

25 Random Facts About Me.

I've had a couple of emails asking questions about me that aren't addressed in the FAQ section of my blog, so have decided to do this post in the hope I'll answer some of your queries... here goes nothin':

1. I am obsessed with bunny rabbits... if the picture above and previous posts (here, here and here) haven't given that away, I don't know what will. Forget crazy cat lady, I'm going to end up a crazy bunny lady.

2. I'm a committed vegetarian and haven't eaten meat since I was 12.

3. I'm also a tee-totaller - I used to drink but now don't, and feel so much better for it. A lot of people my age find it strange, and sometimes try and pressure me into drinking, but it's not something I enjoy or want to partake in...

4. ... the same goes for clubbing. Can't stand it, and did more than enough of it in my first couple of years at University.

5. I'm a massive goofball, see here:

And here: 

6. I'm rather shy around new people, a quality that can sometimes be mistaken for aloofness... but I'm far from shy around my family and friends!

7. I am obsessed with Lauren Conrad. When my wonderful friends wrote a speech for my 21st birthday and compared me to her in it, it pretty much made my life.
8. I am freakishly organised... so much so, that the aforementioned speech was actually delivered as a list, in tribute to my love of making them.

9. When it comes to music, I am a pop-loving loser... give me a catchy, annoyingly repetitive baseline and sing-along lyrics over some edgy, alternative band any day (proof here).

10. I'm a sucker for cutesy baked goods like cupcakes and macaroons - I went to London a few weeks ago... forget the shopping, I was far more excited to get my paws on these Peggy Porschen beauties:

11. I met Hedwig the owl when I was 11... okay, confession, I made this sound a lot more impressive than it actually was - I met one of the many owls that played Hedwig in the Harry Potter films.
12. School was not a particularly happy time for me, I never really fitted into a particular group, and was picked on quite a bit. I now only see a couple of my former classmates...

13. ... however, my experiences at school made me a much stronger person - I genuinely don't give a hoot what people think about me anymore, and it's so much easier living life that way; life's far too short to appease other people.

14. I hate myself every time I use the word 'like' as a filler in spoken sentences, which is, like, all the time (d'oh).

15. My mum is my best friend - if we only speak once in a day, it's because we're both really busy, 3 or 4 times is about normal!

16. I love my own company, and would happily eat in a restaurant by myself (and have done!)... some call it weird, I call it self-assured :-)

17. I have an addiction to peanut butter. I eat a lot of it, and every single day. The weird thing about this being that I used to absolutely hate it.

18. I have appalling geographical knowledge.. it's rather embarrassing just how bad it is (my family will tell you the same thing).

19. My pet hate is people who are rude to staff - I worked in retail, and it wasn't uncommon for a customer to talk to me as if I were completely stupid (a lady once clicked her fingers in my face to get my attention!)... I've always been polite to sales assistants and wait-staff, but it gave me a new-found respect for them!

20. My favourite place in the world is New York City, I adore everything about it.

21. My full name is 'Ambika' (not Amber as many people seem to  think!) - it's mispronounced so often that shortening it to 'Ambi' is much simpler.

22. As a beauty blogger, I probably shouldn't, but I absolutely love removing all my makeup as soon as I walk through the front door (even though I look like the living dead without it on!).

23. I'm a real wimp and cannot watch horror films - I couldn't sleep for a fortnight after watching The Grudge (which I'm told isn't even particularly scary!).

24. My favourite film is Notting Hill - I've probably watched it a hundred times, and still adore it!

25. I wouldn't be seen dead in anything from Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch or Jack Wills. I hate how pretentious they are, and think these brands represent fashion at its worst (I've probably offended most of the students from my University with this one..!).

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Have you got any random facts about yourself you'd like to share?


  1. i really admire that you dont drink alcohol
    i really want to stop but my group of girl friends all do drink and its really difficult to say no when they all are. how do you manage ?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment - I stopped drinking alcohol because, to be completely frank, I had my fill of it and grew out of the clubbing and drinking scene after 3 years of it at University. I decided to stop because I always got horrible hangovers, it made me feel unwell and sluggish for days on end and I'd always break out in acne the morning after a heavy night - in short, alcohol just didn't agree with me.

      I do completely sympathize with you, it's really difficult when your friends all drink and you don't... most of my friends are incredibly supportive of the fact I pass on alcohol, though.

      To be completely honest with you, the 'friends' that pressure you aren't really your true friends - just remember it's your choice to pass on alcohol, so just be firm but polite about it if you feel you're being forced into drinking when you don't want to.

      Hope my pearls of wisdom have been of some help to you!

      Ambi xx

  2. Your blog is fantastic and you are stunning.
    I've literally spent my entire afternoon at work so far reading your posts.

    1. Awh Ainsley, that's so sweet of you, I am blushing!

      I'm so glad you enjoy reading, please keep doing so! You can follow me on Twitter and like the blog on Facebook to stay up to date with new posts, tips and giveaways.

      Thanks for stopping by :-)

      Ambi xx


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