Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday Favourites.

Happy Friday! I am sat writing this post from the comfort of my parents' plush sofa, with a leftover Christmas biscuit selection before me (I don't plan on 'fessing just how many of them I've eaten...). Exam freedom feels so, so good - sadly, the truth is it'll be relatively short-lived, as I start my Junior Medicine & Surgery attachment next Tuesday!

Favourite Blazer:

This would look amazing with over an all black ensemble - skinnies, vest and killer ankle boots!

Favourite Giggle:

Favourite Quote:

If you haven't already seen The Help, you really ought to!

Favourite Treat:

Green & Black's 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate - I've began to actually prefer it to milk and white chocolate... it's been powering me through revision this week!

Favourite Truth:

I'm off for an end-of-exams celebratory lunch at my favourite restaurant this afternoon, and plan on having a very laid-back weekend!
I've got a long overdue post coming up soon (it was meant to be posted 2 weeks back but exam stress got the better of me!), so keep your eyes peeled on the blog.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The blazer from Topshop is so cool, I love red, it's one of the few colours that I'm not afraid of!

    Hope you enjoy your chilled out weekend x

  2. Awww that dog with the moustache is so frickin adorable!! I love posts like these, I always end up smiling :-)
    ....Ughhh that's like me, I've mean meaning to do about 3 major blog posts but I've been so distracted with work and on my days off I just sleep and eat

    1. Isn't he just - made me laugh for ages!
      Hopefully now exams are over I can blog a little more regularly... totally know what you mean about wanting to sleep/eat on days off though!

      Ambi xx

  3. Love this post! That red blazer is a must-buy and that dog...OMG! love that!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)



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