Tuesday, 18 December 2012

You Know You Love Me...

If I had to pick one series that has defined this generation, it would undoubtedly be Gossip Girl.

The show was based upon a series of books of the same name; but in 2002 when they were first published, the revolutionary use of anonymous blogging sites and mobile phones was completely unheard of - and to think, ten years later, smart phones and Internet blogs (much like this one!) have become an accepted part of life for us all.

My Gossip Girl-loving friends and I regularly quote the show, our favourite line being Chuck's legendary reason for getting his way with anything and everything... "I'm Chuck Bass."

Heck, even my dear dad knows the (now) notorious opening and closing lines of each and every episode - whenever I watch one, he rather helpfully adds his own take on "XOXO, Gossip Girl" throughout the spoken dialogue... although this is purely to wind me up!

And Gossip Girl wouldn't be what it is without the fabulous clothes  - Serena van der Woodsen has become my style icon in the six years the series has been on the air, but that's not to say I didn't love Blair's style too... I went through a massive headband phase a few years ago, and I put it entirely down to my love of Miss Waldorf!

The fashion and the feuds; the dresses and the drama; the bitching and the backstabbing: there wasn't an episode of Gossip Girl that failed to deliver.
With Gossip Girl reaching its (in my opinion) untimely end, I can promise you the finale is no different - it aired in the USA last night, but if you've not seen it, let's just say you will be completely stunned by the identity of Gossip Girl. It really does go out with a bang... much as you'd expect from the final episode of this iconic show!

Farewell Gossip Girl, it's been a blast. XOXO (...couldn't resist!)

The finale of Gossip Girl airs on Wednesday 19 December at 7PM on ITV2

Credit: all footage and photographs by The CW

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