Thursday, 6 December 2012

REVIEW: Sleep Rollers.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might be aware that I published this photo a few weeks ago having just purchased Sleep Rollers. I'd seen them them featured in a magazine as the new, must-have beauty product to get the big, bouncy hair I'd always wanted (minus the problem of heat damage from styling tools).

I forked out £17.95 for 20 rollers - quite a lot really given they are just rollers with a little foam stuffed into the middle; thankfully, postage was free and they arrived very quickly.

Credit: Big Pictures Photos

I'll give Sleep Rollers this - they're incredibly easy to use (I refuse to put up a goofy picture of myself wearing them, so here's one of Amy Childs, above), and are best used in freshly washed, blow-dried hair. There are 20 in a basic pack, and with my thick, long hair, I used 18 rollers in all - they are supposed to 'stick' to the hair themselves, but are better secured with a kirby grip.

Sleep Rollers are revolutionary in that (as the name suggests) you can sleep in them overnight, and take them out in the morning for "..great hair" the next morning... so how was my night of sleep whilst wearing them?

Well, it was okay - not horribly disturbed, but not the greatest night's sleep either... it was bearable. I'd imagine the more sensitive sleepers out there would have issues with getting their forty winks with Sleep Rollers in though.

By the time I'd taken the rollers out the following morning, they'd been in for about 14 hours (the instructions say the longer you leave them in, the better the results), and I removed them ... and had the most gorgeous, full hair! I excitedly rang my mother and took a photo for her to show her my ma-husive barnet:

I'd found the hair product of my dreams at long last... or so I thought.

I hairsprayed the heck out of my hair, but within about 30 minutes of being outside (on a dry day where there was virtually no breeze or wind!), the bounce and volume had dropped out, and I was left with a straight, bounce-less style.

After this first failed attempt, I tried (in vain) to make Sleep Rollers work... prepping the hair with mousse, applying heat with my hairdryer, even wearing them for longer than 14 hours... but nothing worked - each and every time, the bounce lasted for no more than an hour before falling out and leaving me with boring, limp hair. I also contacted Sleep Rollers to ask how best to preserve my bouncy hairstyle, but they ignored my emails ... charming!

Maybe my thick hair just doesn't work with these rollers, but to be completely frank, I'm not sure they're anything more than a bit of a gimmick; to me, it seems the real reason people are buying them is because they've been spotted on celebrities.

Sorry Sleep Rollers, but I'm less than impressed! I'm all the more cross that these rollers are marketed so falsely, but it could be said that I'm bit of a fool for believing the hype... but hey, if you want big hair whilst staying indoors and not moving around too much, they'd be great..!

Have you tried Sleep Rollers? How did you get on with them?


  1. I just happened to see your post on the #bbloggers trend on twitter so thought I'd see how you got on since I, quite frankly hated them! I ended up posting a long ranty post on my blog about them haha.
    I couldn't sleep AT ALL. I tossed and turned praying for it to be morning to take them out! I didn't like the result, my hair was pretty big at the top but mainly straight with a flick out at the end. I think they're just a gimmick as well.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one - I was so unimpressed with them, but pretty much aside from my and your (I just read it!) blog reviews, the majority are positive, which completely baffles me!

      There was no staying power in the hairstyle whatsoever which really did bother me after I'd had them in for over half a day! I agree, complete gimmick! x

  2. Hi Ambi

    I have both the sleep rollers and the enrapture ones. The sleep rollers are exactly as you say - although maybe because my hair is shorter the bounce did last quite a bit longer. I hated not having freshly washed hair though. The enrapture ones are great though. Heat up very quickly and give good bounce and volume. Buy them!


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