Saturday, 22 December 2012

REVIEW: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette.*

I've been asked before if my hair colour is truly mine... well, not exactly. I dye it about twice a year to give it natural-looking brown tinge. I really do hate doing it though, as colouring really does so much damage, but unfortunately my vanity always wins out - I'm totally addicted to the glossy chocolate hue I get every time I dye my locks.

I've desperately searched for a good colour enhancing shampoo/conditioner other than the teeny tube you get given in hair dye boxes, but my search has proven pointless, until now...

I tried out the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette range earlier this week and am so very impressed with the results it gave!

My hair was instantly more manageable and shiny - I'm not normally one to put my faith in a product so quickly; but I've used both the shampoo and conditioner for the last week and am thrilled at just how much better my hair looks in such a short space of time

A very sweeping statement here, but as a whole, us dark haired girls tend to have much thicker, coarser hair than our blonde sisters, which means we need all the nourishment we can get our hands on when it comes to haircare!

So how does Brilliant Brunette do it? Well, all the products in the range are infused with a host of hair goodies - almonds are great to munch on when it comes to hair health, but even better to slather onto the hair itself...  and Brilliant Brunette just happens to use sweet almond oil, along with crushed pearls (oooh, technical!) in its formula. It also smells yummy and makes my hair smell great too, to the point where I flip my hair shampoo-advert-style just so I get a waft of the scrumptious scent.

Most importantly my chocolatey, brunette shade looks completely refreshed without even colouring my hair. Brilliant Brunette manages to do this without the use of any colour-depositing ingredients in its formula... magic, hey?!

I can't recommend John Frieda Brilliant Brunette enough - it's my new favourite treat for my tresses!

If you decide to treat yourself, make sure you head to the John Frieda YouTube channel for lots of quick and easy tutorials that will help you to style your soft, shiny, 'salon-chair' hair.

For more information about the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette range, click here.


  1. Tried their volumising shampoo too, the red packaging and now shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. AMAZING. John Frieda shampoos are soo good and 3 for £10 at boots too :D

    1. Thanks for your comment - yep, absolutely loving John Frieda right now, have tried the thickening blow dry spray but will give the Volumising range a go too!

      Ambi xx

  2. What hair dyes do you use for a 'tinge'? I would love a darker colour but I don't know where to start in choosing an at-home hair dye! Please recommend anything you can! Xxx

    1. Hi Clara! I've written a whole post about my hair (including the dye I use!) - click here to read it - I use L'Oreal Feria in French Roast. Let me know if you end up coloring your hair! Ambi xx


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