Monday, 31 December 2012

Question Time.

It's been a little while since I did one of these Q&A posts - the last one was way back in August! I'm always happy to oblige when a reader gets in touch with a query, and do my utmost to answer them ASAP, but also to share the answer with everyone else.

Thanks to all those who've got in touch over the last few weeks - let's get started!

Can you recommend a good primer for a matte finish?
Primers are great for creating a canvas on which to work with concealer and foundation. I must admit, day-to-day, they're not something I opt for as I prefer a more dewy, natural look, but for those of you that prefer a shine-free finish, this is a step you shouldn't miss out on.
I wear primer for "special occasion" make-up looks (parties, nights out, weddings - you get the jist) and really like Benefit Porefessional, £23.50.
However, as I use it so infrequently, it does annoy me that it cost me rather a lot. So I tried out my mum's favourite - L'Oreal Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel Primer, £10.29 - and was really impressed with the results. It's so much cheaper, and does nearly as a good a job, so is a good alternative if you're a little cash-strapped post-Christmas!

I was wondering if you have any recommendations for a lasting foundation - I've tried so many now and I still haven't found one I'm truly happy with!
It's worth investing in an oil-free serum (like this one) and a primer (as I've just mentioned) for a more lasting finish when it comes to your make-up.
For everyday, I personally prefer a tinted moisturizer (TM) - my favourite being one by Nars (read the full review here). You honestly can't beat its coverage and staying power when it comes to daily use.
For special occasion makeup, I like to mix my Nars TM with a foundation for extra longevity and coverage - now, I've tried loads of foundations over the years, the very expensive to the very inexpensive, and when I finally discovered one I loved (a dirt-cheap one by 17 - win for my wallet and my skin!), they went and discontinued it... typical (fortunately I bulk bought as many bottles I could get my hands on!)!
Both Nars Sheer Glow foundation  (£29.50) and Benefit Hello Flawless foundation (£24.50) are wonderful if you have a little more cash to splash.
For a more purse-friendly option, you just can't beat Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (£7.99) - it's great, natural-looking and long lasting.

Credit: Getty Images
Millie Mackintosh is a fan of both Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and Pure Radiant TM

I love your style, especially in your Paris post (where is your skirt from in the picture by Ladurée?) - why don't you put up some outfit posts?
I'm really flattered - thanks! When it comes down to it though, I personally don't feel all that comfortable parading myself in front of the camera and telling you how to dress like me - style is such a personal thing anyway!
I do try and mention where clothes are from if I post any photos of myself on here, but usually only do so if the item is still available in-store (like the skirt you're asking about which is sadly no longer available, but was from Topshop).

I'm really upset and angry... someone I thought was my friend has totally stabbed me in the back for a promotion at work (which she knew that I was originally lined up for). Should I tell my boss what she did to get ahead?
I'm sorry, that sounds like such a hard situation. Personally, I wouldn't tell your boss, and this is for a number of reasons - firstly, are you aware of your friend's circumstances (perhaps she is having money troubles and really need the cash this promotion was promising...)? Secondly, you said in your comment that you weren't too sure what was said about you (if anything), so I don't think it's wise to go charging in and speaking to your boss. Finally, relating to that last point, it doesn't reflect well on you personally (and professionally) to be "telling tales", especially when you don't know all the facts.
If I were in your shoes, I'd approach your friend first and tell her how hurt you are - but do so in a calm, non-confrontational manner - and see what she says. If you get your answer to why this happened, great.. but if you don't, I think it's wise to let it go and move on from this messy situation; and maybe speak to your boss about considering you next time a promotion comes up, without complaining about your colleague!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email ( - alternatively, you can get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

Have fun whatever you're up to tonight - happy new year!

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