Sunday, 30 December 2012

Changing Rooms.

With the new year fast approaching, I'm sure some of you are looking to make a few changes...

At the end of 2011, I decided the change I wanted to make was to my bedrooom; I'd ever so slightly outgrown the pink walls and oodles of teddy bears. I'm so grateful my parents didn't let me have my way with renovating my room back when I was 6 years old. I distinctly remember throwing the mother of all tantrums when I wasn't allowed Barbie wallpaper and matching bedding.
"I'll love it forever, please let me have it!" I promised. Thank goodness they said no..!

So, back to last year - as soon as I decided to decorate my room, I started trawling the Internet for inspiration. Mum and I had a rummage through shops (boutiques, as well as high street favourites) and gradually started accumulating bits and pieces to fill my new boudoir with.

By this point, I'd decided on a girlie-yet-sophisticated-shabby-chic look... quite a lot of boxes to tick, but I think I managed!

Bedding by Kaleidescope

Lampshades by Homebase
Clock - vintage
Wall lights - vintage
Polar bear figurine by John Lewis

 Bird figurine by Aspire Style
Flower arrangements by BHS
(Do excuse the miserable view from the windows - the joys of grey, wet British weather!)

'Love' necklace holder by Aspire Style

Plenty of intelligent viewing and reading as you can see...

Photo frames & lamp - vintage

Mirror by BHS (it was £18 from £50 - what a steal!)

Unfortunately, I can't provide page links to each and every item I bought, as I spent around 8 months collecting these bits and bobs - a lot of it has since been discontinued, and many of my finds were from antique stores and boutiques.

I know that the new year often inspires people to go for a new look - be it for themselves (short hair in 2010 for me!), or for their personal space, just as I did in 2011/12. If you're the latter, my tip is to start collecting ideas early - get a board together on Pinterest of rooms you like the look/style of, rifle through home magazines, have a look in shops and, most importantly, look outside of your regular shopping haunts - I wouldn't have necessarily thought to look in BHS for homeware, but found some real gems in there!

I hope this post provides some inspiration to those of you looking to rehaul your bedrooms in 2013! 


  1. Love what you have done with here - what a bargain with the mirror!

    Completely off topic, but what do you use to curl your hair? I've tried to get the same effect, but with limited success!

    1. Hellooo, thanks for your comment!

      In the picture at the top of the post, I curled my hair using the BaByliss 2287BU Pro Curl 210 Curling Tong (what a mouthful!) - I've written about my hair routine at length here to include the products I style it with - the curls normally stay in all day.

      If I have a little more time in the morning, I try and use the Enrapture Extremity heated rollers (they were on my Christmas Wishlist!) - but for quick and easy curls, you can't go wrong with the tongs!

      Hope that helps!

      Ambi xx

  2. Just stumbled on this via Twitter. It looks great great! Well done you. I think my other half would divorce me if mine was this girlie but I love it x

    1. Hi Gemma - I don't think any boy could tolerate all those florals, so I don't blame him!
      Do check out my other posts and subcribe via Bloglovin (link over in the right hand bar) if you like what you see! Thanks for stopping by my blog
      Ambi xx

  3. Very beautiful!! The room looked very elegant and luxury delicated with pattern as gold as the main colors. However, I don't like the color of the pillows, are there any same color pillows with prints on the wall??? If you have, so please let me know how much it is???

    1. Thank you for telling me you don't like my bedding (!) - I personally think the purple looks amazing as my curtains are the same colour and my room has dark mahogany wood in it, but we are all entitled to our own opinion.

      I didn't look into matching pillows (pretty sure it was only a wallpaper print though) so I wouldn't know, and I got this paper about 2 years ago so I'm afraid I can't help with that particular question - sorry! Thanks for stopping by! xx


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