Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bunny Business.


You might be wondering why the blog has gone a little quiet of late ... fear not, I haven't forgotten you all! I lost my dear baby bunny, Bella, suddenly last week and it's left me rather distraught.... now, I'm pretty sure a fair few of you will have read that and thought, "She was just a rabbit, so what?"

Let me tell you now - there is a huge misconception amongst the general public that rabbits are not very bright creatures, and it's completely and utterly untrue. When stimulated, and given the space and freedom they need, bunnies are one of the most intelligent animals out there. Bella was a house-rabbit (who was litter-trained just like a cat!), and along with her accomplice/sister Donna, used to get into all kinds of trouble for herself.

From chewing up expensive leather furniture, to sneaking into our pantry to eat whatever she could get her paws on (potatoes were a particular favourite, but she also happily ate onions and/or garlic); from harassing you until you fed her a treat from the fridge when she realised it had been opened, to licking clean unattended plates (she loved curry!), Bella's antics were numerous, and hilarious.

Aside from being incredibly mischievous, Bella was also very bright; she understood language and commands just like a small child - a phrase that I grew accustomed to hearing in the 5 years and 8 months we had her was "No Bella; naughty girl!" at which she would hop away, seemingly defeated, only to be found a few hours later, giving her mischief another go.

She was also outrageously confident (her vet was shocked at just how much) - our family home was recently renovated, and Bella would make her presence well and truly known amongst the handymen that were in and out of the house, ensuring she had a thorough sniff of their various tools and appliances; we liked to think she was inspecting their work!

What saddens me further about her death is the timing of it - from my previous posts, you've probably gathered I'm somewhat of a Christmas-keeno... but I was no match on Bella, who would sneak into our front room (where our big Christmas tree was kept) and simply sit gazing at the twinkling fairy lights for hours on end. I really wish I'd managed to get a picture of her doing this, but as she wasn't actually allowed to be in the front room (to this day, we are yet to figure out how that little bunny opened the door to get into it!), and would run away and hide under the tree when she realised we were about to get her out of there!

I could write oodles about Bella, she really was the most wonderful little thing and, even though a tiny little bunny, has left a very big void in our family - Christmas just won't be the same without her.

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  1. I'm so glad you sent me the link to this post. Made me feel so much better than I'm not being silly about being upset over my bunny/dog.

    I agree so much that bunnies are clever and my bunny Beau acts like it's one of the dogs. It knows what to do to get treats and doesn't stop un till it gets what it wants. It understands certain words.

    Bella looked super cute <3 xx


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