Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Being a Single Girl at Christmas: A Bridget Jones-Inspired Guide.

I was inspired to write this guide after braving a trip into a shopping centre earlier this month; in a horribly crowded environment,  a couple were walking towards me and holding hands... as we got closer and closer, it became clear to me they weren't going to let go of each other. Whilst this is all normally very cute, it's not so cute when, quite frankly, they're in the way and I have somewhere to be! In the end, the swarms of crowds pushed me right between them... and guess what? They still held on to each other's hands for dear life. I can tell you I was less than impressed when I practically had to duck to save getting smacked in the stomach with their seemingly surgically attached hands... and when that happened, I was the one who got tutted at (by them) - how rude!

It made me realise that there's something about this time of year that makes every single girl feel horrible for being single - and for no good reason! And Lord have mercy if we happen to get a little cross at couples like the delightful pair I experienced; we're instantly deemed bitter and cynical.

Why is that?!

Maybe it's the fact that every festive movie is essentially a boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love-and-kiss-in-the snow story - Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually... for Pete's sake, even Elf has a love story hidden within it!

Or the fact that mistletoe seems to be absolutely everywhere: great for loved-up couples, but for singletons it's a dread that is avoided like the plague to save ourselves from various creepy, drunk (and quite obviously single) men!

Whatever the reason is, it's not nice or fair, but something us singletons are faced with every Christmas... so here's my guide to being a single girl this holiday, as inspired by Bridget Jones!

1. Don't be embarrassed
There's absolutely nothing wrong with being single - if you're happy that way, you shouldn't ever be made to feel bad about it. It's perfectly healthy and mature to be able to enjoy your own company, and so much better than someone who constantly whinges about being single (it's not attractive and you'll stay that way if you don't stop moaning!).


2. Remind yourself of the benefits.
However, if you're feeling gloomy about being single, just think about how much money you're going to be saving on presents for a boyfriend (and maybe his family too!) so treat yourself to a nice dress, a massage, a slap-up meal... whatever tickles your fancy.
Alternatively if you'd like to wallow in self-pity for a little while, stick on your pyjamas, grab some chocolate, roll up in your duvet and befriend your DVD collection. Remember, there's no-one you have to please this Christmas, and if you were attached to someone you'd most likely be having to do 'couple-things' throughout the holiday, which would require you having to make-up your face, paint your nails and shave your legs - what an effort!

3. Arrange a few girls' nights in/out
Just because you haven't got that special someone, doesn't mean you haven't any special people in your life! Whilst it's healthy to be by yourself occasionally, Christmas is a wonderful time to get together for a few cosy nights in or fun nights out (personally, I'd always take the former over the latter!) with your closest girlfriends.

4. Avoid a hook-up you'll live to regret.
Plenty of women feel lonely during the festive season and end up getting together with a random colleague or classmate after a few too many mulled wines - don't do it! You'll also save yourself an awkward run-in the following day when the harsh light of day and sobreity will make you realise what a mistake it was! However, if you actually...

5. Like someone in particular...
Then do something about it! And if turns out he's not your Mark Darcy, blame the alcohol and/or getting swept up in all that festive cheer - it's the one time of year you can get away with it!

Photo Credit: Working Title Films

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