Tuesday, 20 November 2012


If I've not already made my love of all things Benefit very clear with my previous posts, let me re-iterate: I absolutely adore every single one of their products. From the kitsch packaging to the tongue-in-cheek names, the excellent quality of make-up to the cheery staff I encounter at every concession, I just can't get enough of Benefit!

A small selection of my Benefit stash; I have even more back at my parents'!

You may remember back in September I posted about all the cosmetics in my make-up bag, well the time has come to tell you about Benefit Play Sticks...
These beauties are cream-to-powder foundation sticks available in 4 shades (I am 'Jump Rope') that blend seamlessly into the skin leaving a matte, yet natural, finish. If like me, you prefer a dewy look, they happen to work brilliantly as concealers, effortlessly covering uneven skin tone, pigmentation and blemishes.

Credit: Benefit Cosmetics

Most concealers contain horrible comedogenic (pore-blocking) ingredients, which tend to aggravate acne - pretty much the exact opposite of what you want a spot-covering cosmetic to do! Play Sticks contain extracts of green tea and chamomile that soothe and calm redness - so this product essentially makes your skin better, whilst also covering blemishes... how many concealers can claim to do that?!

I find Play Sticks are best applied using a foundation brush (I use this one, obviously!) and really worked into the skin. Now, I'm a little unconventional in my make-up application, and apply concealer before my regular tinted moisturiser - most make-up artists advise you to do it the other way round, and whilst I certainly am not one of them, I always think it looks better my way! As Play Sticks have a matte finish, the concealer 'sets' itself without you needing to apply powder.

The only slight downside is how much you'll be forking out in the short-term - they retail at £25.50/$34.00, which probably sounds a little pricey, but actually I don't think it is when you consider this... I've only just bought my second one, having bought my first around this time last year! I wear make-up virtually every day, so they really do last and in the long-run, it's probably more cost effective than trying out lots of cheaper concealers that just end up going to waste!

UK customers, click here to purchase Play Sticks and US customers, click here.


  1. Gorgeous , loveeeee porefessional xx

    1. Me too! I save it for special occasions though :-)

      Ambi xx

  2. I think this is such an underrated foundation, I love mine! :) x

    1. Completely agree, it's wonderful and so very underrated! Ambi xx


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