Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Favourites.

I have no teaching today... so really, my weekend started on Thursday night! However, for you less lucky ones who are getting ready to go to work, lectures or school, just remember only a mere few hours stand between you and freedom, so here's some Favourites to cheer you up with!

Favourite Boots:

Favourite Cutie:

Credit: Felicity Cooper
My friend's new puppy, Hugo, is a Yorkie-Poo (a Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Phantom Poodle cross) - I am so excited to meet him when I go home for the holidays!

Favourite Giggle:

Favourite Sweet Treat:

White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondies (image and recipe via Handbags and Cupcakes)
These are absolutely scrummy and the recipe was thought up by a fellow Bristol student, her blog is wonderful - do check it out. 

Favourite Thought:

 Credit: Pinterest, edited using PicFX/Instagram (@bombayrose)

Before I sign off for the week, just a bit of news to tell you - I'll be doing another Q&A post before Christmas (I did this one back in August). I've been told by my besties I give good advice, so have decided to broaden the usual beauty, fashion and lifestyle focus of next month's Q&A post to also cover "girl problems" (cattiness, unkind gossip, boy drama... you get the idea). These sorts of issues will have been encountered by countless other ladies (myself included), or may be exactly what another reader is experiencing, so sharing your problem could help out a fellow female. If you're unsure about whether to get in touch or not, personally I find the best advice is usually given by someone who is impartial and not involved in a situation - with 22 years under my belt, I've dealt with it all... from bullying, to bitchiness, to boy worries!

So, get your beauty, fashion, lifestyle and personal questions in to or send a message via the Facebook page. As with the last post, the identities of those who get in touch will be kept completely anonymous - and if you'd prefer, you can always leave an anonymous comment with your question on this post.

Have a fun weekend!

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