Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Apps-olutely Fabulous.

Credit: Apple Inc.

When we first met, a very close friend of mine proclaimed she'd "never, ever get an iPhone." Well, she's just caved and got herself a shiny new iPhone 5 - the little hypocrite!

Clearly this friend has realised that anyone who's remotely sensible owns an iPhone (including Zooey Deschanel, above) - so I thought it about time to write a post on the must-have apps that every smart, sophisticated lady needs in her life:

Picfx (£1.49/$1.99)

It goes without saying that any iPhone user should have Instagram, but the selection of photo-filters available on there isn't exactly extensive. Enter Picfx, which helpfully formats photographs within an Instagram-friendly square, and when you've finished your editing, you can upload your finished product directly onto Instagram. There's quite literally hundreds of filters and effects to choose from - get Picfx here (and follow me on Instagram here!).

MyFitnessPal (free)

When I put on weight in my first year at University (and was failing miserably in my attempts to lose it!), I downloaded MyFitnessPal (a diet-tracker app), and was horrified that I was actually eating far too much - oh those calories do add up! With the party season a few weeks away, some of you might be wanting to lose a few pounds in time for Christmas, and this app is great at keeping an eye on what you're eating - it lists thousands of different foods along with exercises, so you get a rough estimate of how many calories you're taking in, along with burning; click here to download it.

 Shopstyle (free)

Shopstyle is a wonderful little app that lets you search thousands of online stores for ladies' (and men's!) clothing, accessories, jewellery and beauty products - it's great if you're looking for a particular item, and you can filter the results by colour, price, size and brand - a must-have for any fashion-obsessed iPhone user, get it here.

vouchercloud (free)

This app is fabulous for saving precious pennies - I've been stood in shops and restaurants about to pay full-whack and managed to slash my bill by quickly checking vouchercloud for discounts. The offers are location-specific, and include money-off vouchers for dining and shopping venues, as well as hair and beauty salons, online retailers and lots of bars and pubs. Check out vouchercloud here.

Pinterest (free)

I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest and could easily spend hours on there; if you're a fellow Pinterest-nerd you'll adore this app, which allows users to access their boards on-the-go and find pretty new pins whilst sat on the train, or maybe even whilst bored in a lecture (not that I've ever done that...). First and foremost, follow me on Pinterest, then click here to get the app.
By the way, I am not apologising for my festive pins (like the Elf quote, above) - I feel lovely and Christmas-sy already, okay?!

Hope you've found this post useful, and that you grow to love these apps as much as I do - what are your must-have apps?

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