Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Bold and the Beautiful.

I spent the most-part of my teenage years hating my bold (albeit a little unkempt) brows - now, eight years later, I'd do absolutely anything to have those thick, bushy eyebrows back! Although I now maintain a bolder brow, my years of tweezing has meant they are now a little sparse (nothing like the beautiful Lily Collins' then, above).

Mere eyebrow pencils never seemed to give a natural finish, so whilst stocking up on my favourite mascara, I asked the sales assistant if she had anything she could recommend for my battered brows...

 Benefit Brow Zings (available in Light, Medium and Dark), £22.50/$30.00

She introduced me to Brow Zings (one of Cheryl Cole's staple beauty products, I'll have you know!); a brow shaping kit that includes a pigmented wax to tame pesky stray hairs, brow powder to fill in any gaps within the brow, and some small brushes to apply each of your products. There's even an adorable pair of mini tweezers tucked in there too, and all nestled within a sleek, sophisticated compact that can be stored away in your purse or make-up bag without too much hassle.

Brow Zings has quickly become my favourite product in my cosmetics case ... in fact, I nearly had a heart attack when I moved back to University and thought I'd left it back at my parents'!
I think this before and after picture explains exactly why I love it so much:

This is a wonderful little product and I recommend you get your hands on it right away - most ladies will happily tend to the rest of their face without giving their eyebrows a second thought... no make-up look is complete when there are unruly brows left just as they are! Brow Zings quickly makes them (and you!) look groomed to perfection!

A little tip: apply this product in natural light to make sure you don't get heavy-handed with the wax and powder, both of which are highly pigmented - a little goes a very long way! Secondly, it's always safer to plump for the lighter palette if you're stuck between two shades (Brow Zings comes in Light, Medium and Dark) - you're aiming for natural-looking brows here, and overly dark ones scream Essex-nightclub rather sophisticated girl-about-town!

UK customers click here to purchase, and US customers, click here.

Images (unless otherwise stated) by Benefit Cosmetics.

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