Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday Tip.

A good set of make-up brushes is key to creating gorgeous beauty looks... and it's equally important to maintain those brushes!

Unwashed tools harbour spot-causing bacteria (resulting in breakouts), and can become difficult to work with when they become caked with old, dried make-up (yuk!), so it's crucial to ensure they are washed each and every week.

To do this, simply run some warm water into a washing-up bowl, and create a foamy lather using some antibacterial face or hand-wash (shampoo works well too). Submerge your brush, swish it around and continue to drain and re-fill the bowl until your brush is totally clean and the water runs clear - do this for each brush.

When you've finished, lay down a towel and lean your brush handles against a surface, pointing the wet applicator down onto the towel - it's important to position them this way to prevent soapy water from accumulating at the base of the brush, which can dramatically shorten your brush's lifespan.

You shouldn't just reserve cleaning for your make-up brushes though - powder compact and foundation sponges should also be given a thorough weekly wash!

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