Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesday Tip.

Credit: Getty Images

Want super shiny hair like Olivia Palermo's (seriously, you could use her tresses as a mirror!)?

Here's the secret, and it's so very simple: shampoo your hair twice before applying your conditioner - the second wash ensures all the dirt, oils and environmental pollutants that have built up on the hair shaft are removed. Blow dry your hair (a few tips here) and you'll be left with glossy, lustrous locks!


  1. that seems like it would really really dry out your hair.

  2. Hi Larissa,

    It really doesn't (provided you still use conditioner afterwards) - I've been shampooing twice for years now, but I'll let you be the judge of whether my hair is dry or not, there are plenty of pictures of me on my Twitter & Instagram accounts. It's even mentioned on numerous shampoo bottles ("lather, rinse & repeat"). My hairdresser also shampoos all his clients hair twice before applying conditioner!

    Hope that clarifies your doubt. xx


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