Monday, 13 August 2012

The Braidy Bunch.

Credit: Getty Images

As soon I blogged about the perfect autumn boots, the British weather totally contradicted my entire post, and gifted us with abundant sunshine... typical. I decided to take a little me-time and enjoy the sun while it lasted (hence the lack of new posts) - but today, I'm back!

The heat had me seriously annoyed with my long hair so I resorted to my go-to hairstyle in the summer sun - the fishtail braid!

 Credit: Rex

I've been obsessed with this nifty plait ever since I spotted Cheryl Cole donning one on The X Factor a couple of years ago... but no matter how hard I tried (and how many YouTube tutorials I sat through), I always seemed to be left with a big knot of hair instead of this chic little braid.

However, I picked up a little trick from my favourite beauty blog a while back that makes this hairstyle super-easy to recreate... and now I'm going to share this trick with you all!

All you'll need is: A mirror, 2 hair elastics, and a small pair of scissors. (Optional: brush your hair before you start if you'd like a neater-looking braid - personally, I prefer a more dishevelled style, so don't do this).

Now, I did attempt to film a video tutorial for this, but the original was just so much better than my version, which consisted of far too much awkward, self-conscious mumbling!

Credit: The Beauty Department

See how simple it is once you know that little ponytail trick?! It becomes much easier to control the hair - give it a go!

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  1. love the fishtail! have you mastered this?

  2. Hi Tia... yep, I've officially mastered it! Definitely wouldn't have without that amazing Beauty Department tutorial though... xx


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